Lola Lemon

1/11/23 – Please welcome Lola Lemon! Lola Lemon was dropped off at the shelter by someone claiming he found her. She did have a microchip that was registered to her original owner, but that person said they gave her to someone else and they didn’t want her back. She has a bladder infection, eye infection […]


1/12/23 – Please welcome Chowder! Chowder was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. Overall he seems pretty healthy but will need to be neutered. 1/19/23 – Chowder had his neuter surgery today and all went well! approximate age:approximate weight: 56likes dogs: yeslikes cats: n/alikes kids: n/afood: Taste Of […]

Chubbs Brown

1/2/23– Please welcome Chubbs Brown! Chubbs owner is no longer able to care for him so they asked us to find him a new home. 1/3/23 – Chubbs Brown had surgery today and all went well. Hew as neutered, had his palate shortened, his tonsils removed, his nares widened and his teeth cleaned. approximate age: […]


12/8/22 – Please welcome Maizy! Maizy’s owner/breeder turned her over to the shelter who turned her over to us. We believe she was only used for breeding and didn’t have any vet care or much human attention. She was scared and reactive with the shelter staff while there but was extremely happy and friendly once […]


11/28/22 – Please welcome Maisel! She was picked up as a stray two and a half months ago. She has been at the shelter since taking care of the puppy she gave birth to not long after arriving at the shelter. The puppy was adopted out by the shelter and Maisel was able to join […]

Millie Pete

11/15/22 – Please welcome Millie Pete! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She has a severe tail pocket infection along with a severe ear infection. We started treatment for both infections and she will be having surgery soon. 11/23/22 – Millie Pete has surgery today and […]

Penny Lane

11/7/22 – Please welcome Penny Lane! Penny Lane was purchased as a puppy by her first owner, then given to a friend because they could not handle a puppy then turned over the rescue because the new owners could not handle a puppy either nor did they have the financial means to care for an […]

Coach Dooley

11/5/22 – Please welcome Coach Dooley! Coach Dooley was picked up as a stray and turned over the rescue by shelter. He is covered in mange, has an ear infection, an upper respiratory infection and has been diagnosed with dry eye. He will have surgery in a few weeks once his upper respiratory infection has […]

Nova Love

10/8/22 – Please welcome Nova Love! Nova Love was being sold by her breeder. Someone purchased her and turned her over to rescue so she could get the care and love she deserves. She is a few pounds overweight, has an eye infection and a few hot spots on her skin that need to be […]


8/30/22 – Please welcome Cady and Will! Cady and Will found themselves at the shelter recently after their owners decided they could no longer care for them. They had moved in with family members about a year ago after their family had to leave their home. They were not cared for properly by the family […]

Teddy Grahams

8/15/22 – Please welcome Teddy Grahams! For the past two months Teddy Grahams has been at the shelter waiting on a court case to be settled. But today he was sprung from the shelter and joined the rescue! Here is the story we were told from the shelter…On June 10th a concerned citizen called animal […]

Myrtle Grace

5/19/22 – Please welcome Myrtle Grace! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She has an ear infection and a skin infection. She definitely needs some work done on her teeth and eye lids. And she needs to lose some weight, she is at an unhealthy weight […]

Chester and Kahlua – Medical Hold

5/9/22 – Please welcome Chester and Kahlua! These boys were turned over to us by a breeder because of heart murmurs. They are litter mates born on March 15, 2022. They will see the cardiologist soon for echocardiograms to diagnose their heart issues. 5/20/22 – The boys had echocardiograms today. Chester has perimembranous ventricular septal […]

Dozer Dan

12/22/21 – Please welcome Dozer Dan! Dozer’s owner had not been taking care of him, so he turned him over to an acquaintance that turned him over to rescue for some much-needed vet care and a new home. He is covered in fleas and has extremely long nails. We are treating him for a severe […]

Marley Monroe

12/20/21 – Please welcome Marley Monroe! Marley Monroe was picked up by animal control and turned over to the shelter. When no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. Unfortunately, she was not very well cared for and is not feeling great. Her blood work shows some irregular liver issues […]

Sadie Jo

12/9/21 – Please welcome Sadie Jo! Sadie Jo has been loved and spoiled her entire life but unfortunately her owner is no longer able to provide the care she need and she has asked us to help find her a new home. She has dry eye and typical bulldog allergies that require apoquel. 1/12/22 – […]

Zeus Martin Jello

12/9/21 – Please welcome Zeus Martin! Zeus joins us from a rescue in Alabama. He was picked up as a stray two months and turned over to a vet clinic because the shelter was full. He does have a registered microchip, but the owners did not respond to the shelter or vet clinic when they […]

Dolly Parton

10/13/21 – Please welcome Dolly Parton! Dolly got picked up as a stray by animal control and when no one came looking for at the shelter she was able to join the rescue. She looks like she is rough shape, but we hope to get her feeling better soon. She has been diagnosed with dry […]


12/17/20: Please welcome Dusty. He came into rescue with Daisy Lynn. There owner was no longer able to care for them, so they were turned over to us. They need exams, vaccinations, and treatment for severe skin infections and bladder infections and hook worms. They are underweight and appear to have weak back legs. We […]