Daisy Quinn

9/8/22 – Please welcome Daisy Quinn! Daisy Quinn was dropped off for boarding at a vet clinic by her owner three months ago but her owner never came back for her. The vet clinic made several attempts to connect with the owner but was not able to. Once she was considered abandoned by the law, […]

Cady and Will

8/30/22 – Please welcome Cady and Will! Cady and Will found themselves at the shelter recently after their owners decided they could no longer care for them. They had moved in with family members about a year ago after their family had to leave their home. They were not cared for properly by the family […]

Lord Baxter Duke

7/31/22 – Please welcome Lord Baxter Duke! His friends call him Baxter. Baxter was picked up as a stray with another dog. The other dog had a microchip (Baxter did not) but the microchip was not registered. He wasn’t to happy his first day at the shelter when the staff tried to give him an […]

Ella Mae

5/31/22 – Please welcome Ella Mae! Apparently, Ella Mae didn’t care for the new dog that her owners brought home, so they dropped her off at the shelter. We are treating her for a UTI. 6/1/22 – Ella Mae was spayed today, and all went well. We are treating her now for an ear infection. […]

Myrtle Grace

5/19/22 – Please welcome Myrtle Grace! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She has an ear infection and a skin infection. She definitely needs some work done on her teeth and eye lids. And she needs to lose some weight, she is at an unhealthy weight […]

Chester and Kahlua – Medical Hold

5/9/22 – Please welcome Chester and Kahlua! These boys were turned over to us by a breeder because of heart murmurs. They are litter mates born on March 15, 2022. They will see the cardiologist soon for echocardiograms to diagnose their heart issues. 5/20/22 – The boys had echocardiograms today. Chester has perimembranous ventricular septal […]

Sarge Taylor

4/15/22 – Please welcome Sarge Taylor! Sarge Taylor was purchased from his most recent owners and turned over to us. We are told his most recent owner purchased him from someone else a few months prior. Apparently, he and the female dog in the home did not care for one another so Sarge spent a […]

Trouble – Medical Hold

1/6/22 – Please welcome Trouble! Trouble’s owner is facing some health issues and asked us to help Trouble, and four of her other dogs, to find new homes. She is now up to date on all of her vaccinations, and we are treating a skin infection and ear infection. She has been diagnosed with dry […]

Dozer Dan

12/22/21 – Please welcome Dozer Dan! Dozer’s owner had not been taking care of him, so he turned him over to an acquaintance that turned him over to rescue for some much-needed vet care and a new home. He is covered in fleas and has extremely long nails. We are treating him for a severe […]

Marley Monroe

12/20/21 – Please welcome Marley Monroe! Marley Monroe was picked up by animal control and turned over to the shelter. When no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. Unfortunately, she was not very well cared for and is not feeling great. Her blood work shows some irregular liver issues […]

Sadie Jo

12/9/21 – Please welcome Sadie Jo! Sadie Jo has been loved and spoiled her entire life but unfortunately her owner is no longer able to provide the care she need and she has asked us to help find her a new home. She has dry eye and typical bulldog allergies that require apoquel. 1/12/22 – […]

Harley – Medical Hold

11/2/21 – Please welcome Harley! Harley was turned over to us by her breeder after a visit to with cardiologist. She was born with a heart murmur and further testing at 11 weeks old showed she has severe pulmonic stenosis (PS) and mild subaortic stenosis (SAS). She started taking a beta blocker, atenolol, to try […]

Dolly Parton

10/13/21 – Please welcome Dolly Parton! Dolly got picked up as a stray by animal control and when no one came looking for at the shelter she was able to join the rescue. She looks like she is rough shape, but we hope to get her feeling better soon. She has been diagnosed with dry […]


7/16/21 – Please welcome Brisket! He joins us from Forsyth County Animal Control. He was picked up as a stray and when no one came looking for him he was able to join the rescue. He will need an exam, vaccinations, he needs to be neutered and have airway surgery. 7/22/21 – Brisket had his […]


12/17/20: Please welcome Dusty. He came into rescue with Daisy Lynn. There owner was no longer able to care for them, so they were turned over to us. They need exams, vaccinations, and treatment for severe skin infections and bladder infections and hook worms. They are underweight and appear to have weak back legs. We […]