4/14/23 – Please welcome Kassius! Kassius was turned over to us by his owner because she could no longer care for him. Apparently, he has had recurring infections over the last year, but the vet does not seem to know why, they would get better with treatment but then return. After reviewing his previous vet records, we believe he has a draining track from his tail pocket but no tail pocket infection. We have decided to try a more aggressive approach to clear up this infection.

5/2/23 – Kassius had surgery today and all went well. He was neutered, had his palate shortened, his tonsils removed, his nares widened, and his teeth cleaned. It appears that all of his infections are gone at the moment. We will monitor for the time being and go from there.

5/9/23 – Unfortunately, the infection is back. We are continuing treatment while we wait to see the specialist for tail amputation.

6/13/23 – Kassius saw the specialist today and we will be moving forward with tail amputation but first he needs to have a CT scan, so the vet knows the best way to approach his surgery. At this time, he has multiple draining tracks with infection.

6/16/23 – Kassius has tail amputation surgery today and all went well. The specialist said this was one of the most complex tail amputation surgeries he has done. Kassius will have a drain for a few days but gets to go back to his foster home for recovery.

7/1/23 – Kassius has a new issue now; his fur is coming off in clumps and he has open wounds. They are spreading quicker than we can keep up with but we are consulting with the dermatologist.

8/4/23 – Kassius saw the dermatologist today and went ahead and did a skin biopsy today. We are treating his infection topically and with oral medications until we have the biopsy results.

8/17/23 – The skin biopsy results were consistent with calcinosis cutis with secondary bacterial infection. We suspect that the calcinosis cutis is a result of long term steroid use to treat his infections. We will start tapering him off the steroids today and hope this resolves his issue. We are still treating with oral antibiotics to clear up the bacteria infection as well as medicated baths and topical medicated cream to treat the calcinosis cutis. We are hopeful he will make a full recovery and be feeling better in a few weeks. We have also started him on prescription allergy medication.

12/12/23 – Kassius saw the dermatologist today and other than a few remaining spots and a new ear infection, he is doing well! His skin will probably never be perfect but he is going to be ok!

approximate age: 6 – DOB 9/12/17
approximate weight: 70 – he is a bit over weight at the moment
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes kids: we have not seen him around kids regularly, but he is a bit strong so he will not be place in a home with small kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications:
likes: food, soft squeaky toys
dislikes: wet grass, nail trims, when his humans are eating without him, and being told no
ideal home: he needs a home with no small kids and someone that will work on manners (he gets a little worked up and mouthy) and exercise so he can drop a few pounds

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