11/28/22 – Please welcome Hampton! Hampton’s owners no longer had time for him so they asked us to find him a new home. We were under the impression that he had been well cared for but it seems that he has been neglected lately and is suffering from a horrible tail pocket infection and horrendous ear infections. He also has dry eye and a cherry eye for the past three years but at his age we will are trying to do all that we can for him without having to put him under anesthesia. We are treating his ear and tail pocket infections with oral and topical medications. He is also overweight at 65 pounds and will be on a strict diet.

2/17/23 – Hampton saw the vet today for a recheck and unfortunately we are still battling his tail pocket and ear infections.

3/3/23 – Hamptons tail pocket infection is finally cleared up! His ear infections are still a challenge. We do have him on steroids to help open the ear canals to better treat the infection. We will also consult with the specialist to see if we need to move forward with a TECA surgery.

3/22/23 – Hampton saw the specialist today and we decided not to move forward with TECA surgery, instead we will see the dermatologist to see if we can get these ear infections cleared up.

8/16/23 – After seeing the dermatologist every 3 weeks over the past five months Hampton is finally ear infection free! We will still need to be on a strict cleaning and medication routine to keep the infections away. He will need to continue seeing a dermatologist every few months to make sure things continue to go well. And he is at a healthy weight of 50 pounds.

3/1/24 – Hampton is doing great but he is still looking for his forever retirement home!

approximate age: 10 – DOB 6/1/13
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: he has been around an elementary school age kid and loves her
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription ear medication, steroids, prescription eye drops for dry eye, medicated wipes for paw pads
likes: toys, food, snuggles, rub downs
dislikes: going out in the rain, and being startled
ideal home: he do well in most homes as long as they continue to see a dermatologist and keep up with his ear medications

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