Zeus Martin Jello

12/9/21 – Please welcome Zeus Martin! Zeus joins us from a rescue in Alabama. He was picked up as a stray two months and turned over to a vet clinic because the shelter was full. He does have a registered microchip, but the owners did not respond to the shelter or vet clinic when they attempted to reach them. The clinic he was at gave him his vaccination, treated him for an ear and skin infection and neutered him.

10/26/22 – Zeus Martin Jello is back with us looking for a new home.  His adopted is having medical issues and is no longer able to care for him.  His name before coming to rescue last year was Zeus, we gave him the middle Martin and the person he has been with the last year has been calling him Jello.  We are not certain what name he wants to go by just yet! This boy has some energy and loves to play in the yard for 10-15 minutes a few times a day then crash! He seems to get a little too excited about cars driving by, people running by and people riding by on their bikes.  He will only be placed in a low key home with no dogs, no cats, no young kids and a fenced yard to run around in (while supervised of course). 

4/29/23 – Zeus Martin Jello is doing great in his foster home but still searching for the perfect forever home! 

7/1/23 – Zeus Martin Jello had a behavior assessment with the trainer and was sent home with a great list of things to work on. This young stubborn fella needs some structure but loves to learn and fetch balls in the back yard when the weather is just right! He needs an adopter that is willing to put in the time to train him so that he can be the best version of himself. He also needs a low key home with no kids, no dogs and no cats. 

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 56
likes dogs: he seems to be dog reactive, so he would be happiest in a home with no dogs
likes cats: no
likes kids: he met a few teenagers that he seemed to enjoy but will not do well with young kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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