Adoption Process

1. Please fill out the adoption application below.  We require that all dogs in your household are spayed or neutered before you will be considered for adoption, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Vet reference is required.  If you do not have a recent vet history, please provide a personal reference. If you do not own your home or live in an apartment,  a letter of approval (on letterhead if possible) must be included with your application.

2. We do not accept faxed or e-mailed applications.  DO NOT EXPRESS MAIL YOUR APPLICATION…there is no need and it’s an unnecessary expense for you.

3. Please be sure you are aware of what it entails to own an English or French Bulldog BEFORE you apply.  There are several sources available on the internet that will give you a general overview of their needs.  Blank spaces on your application in the “knowledge of the breed” section will result in denial of the application.  Priority will be given to applicants with prior English or French Bulldog experience or those who have shown initiative in researching the breed.

4. Our adoption application process:

  • We check our post office box on Mondays for applications.
    We will note the date your application was sent and received.
    You will be contacted through email, phone or text within seven days of receipt of application to acknowledge its receipt
  • If your application is pre-approved you will be contacted by a member of the adoption committee by email, phone or text within seven days of us acknowledging your application to schedule a phone interview
  • If your application is approved by the committee after your phone interview we will check your vet and personal references then you will be contacted within seven days of your phone interview to discuss specific dogs that would be a good fit for your home.
  • Please check your spam folder for an email from us.

5. There is an adoption donation required (up to $800.00) for every dog.  Adoption donations are based on age and are not negotiable.

6. We do not have a kennel.  Our dogs are fostered in private homes throughout the Atlanta area.

7. We understand the excitement surrounding adding a new member to your family but please understand that we are a small organization with limited time and resources. E-mails asking if we have received your application or asking about application status only delay the process. As soon as a dog is released for adoption, we begin the application screening process.

8. If you haven’t heard from us, try coming out to one of our events and introducing yourselves to the GEBR family. All events are posted on the news and events page here on the website, on our Facebook page and in the newsletter.

9. If for some reason during the adoption process, your situation changes or you have a change of heart, please have the courtesy to call or e-mail a rescue representative. Failure to do so will eliminate you from an adoption with GEBR in the future AND other English and French Bulldog Rescues will be notified.

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY most of these dogs have been abused and/or neglected in their past lives. We make every effort to place them in a “perfect bully” home for the rest of their lives…no matter how long it takes.

11. You are giving a homeless dog a second chance. This means having the time and patience to work with social, emotional and behavioral problems. Please understand that is will take time for all dogs to settle into a new home. In some cases, a health issue is present. We disclose all information we are given and are aware of, as we want to make this as smooth a transition for the dog as possible. All rescue bullies are spayed/neutered, micro chipped and up-to-date on all shots prior to adoption.

12. If you’re seeking to obtain a cheap English or French Bulldog or you’re looking for a specific color or look of a bulldog, rescue is probably not for you. It is important for all interested parties to understand that our primary commitment is to the dogs who are in our care. We look for the right family to suit our rescue dogs. It’s not about picking out the cutest one. The cutest one may not be your match!

13. We adopt to GA, FL, AL, TN, SC and NC. We do not ship or deliver our dogs; you will be required to come to us to finalize an adoption.

Download Adoption Application

We do not charge an application fee, but donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: We get frequent requests to adopt our dogs PRIOR to spay/neuter. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH GEBR! Any inquiry regarding adoption of an intact dog will result in PERMANENT elimination from our adoption pool and all other English Bulldog rescues will be notified of your request.