Prince Charming

5/11/23 – Please welcome Prince Charming! Prince’s owner asked us to find him a new home because one of the older dogs in the home has been picking on him. They tried training and keeping them separated but want more Prince. He his already neutered but does have a cherry eye that will need to be tacked down.

Price was born with an urethra under his rectum and his penis never fully developed so he urinates through the urethra. We are told that he does occasionally get urinary tract infections about every other month but are easily cleared up with a short round of antibiotics. He does require to be wiped down after potty breaks.

5/11/23 – Prince had his surgery today and all went well. He had his cherry eye tacked down, his palate shortened, his tonsils removed, his nares widened and his teeth cleaned.

5/27/23 – We spoke with the specialist and are going to move forward with a surgery to close over the top part of his exposed urethra leaving it open only at the bottom near his scrotum.  This should help eliminate the fold in the tissue so it won’t trap urine, debris, feces and it will put a decent length of haired skin between the anus and the opening of his urinary tract.  This will make his less susceptible to uti’s and more comfortable overall.  

8/15/23 – Prince’s surgery was not as successful as we hoped. We are consulting with the specialist to see if we have any other options for him. 

12/13/23 – Prince saw the team of specialist at UGA vet clinic and they attempted to close tiny opening at the top of his urethra.  He will stay at the clinic for a few days with a catheter.  

12/18/23 – Prince was released from the clinic today but unfortunately he still has urine coming out of the tiny opening at the top of his urethra.  After four attempts to close this area we have decided that unfortunately we are out of options.  Moving forward we will have to monitor him for UTI’s and treat them as the come up.   

12/21/23 – Prince had emergency lung lobe torsion surgery today.  He wasn’t feeling well yesterday and we suspected he came down with aspiration pneumonia but after doing x-rays and a CT scan we discovered that he had a lung lobe torsion.  We are not sure what would cause this other then just a lot of bad luck for this fella.  The surgeon performed a left cranial and partial left caudal lung lobectomy.  We suspect he will make a full recovery.  

1/1/24 – We have noticed that Price Charming is struggling with some anxiety so we are trying some supplements and medications to help him with this.

3/1/24 – Prince Charming is doing great but he is still looking for his forever home!

approximate age: 2 – DOB 6/12/21
approximate weight: 55
likes dogs: yes, but he needs a little time to get to know them 
likes cats: we are told he does like cats but we have not seem him around
likes kids: we are told he does like kids of all ages but we have not seem him around any yet
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: toys and bones and being with his people 
dislikes: getting picked on by the older dog in his previous home, getting his back end wiped 
ideal home: his adopter will need to be a vet or vet tech so they can properly monitor and treat him for UTI’s

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