We do not accept the following dogs as owner surrenders: Olde English Bulldogs, Aultman White English Bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs or other bulldog mixes.   As much as we know you love your pet, the aforementioned breeds are not English or French Bulldogs.  We suggest you contact your breeder or local Humane Society in the event that you find the need to remove the dog from your home.

We cannot accept any dog with history of aggression toward humans, whether provoked or unprovoked.

We can not buy your Bulldog from you.

If you need to re-home your English or French Bulldog, please complete the Surrender Contract on this page and submit along with photos of the dog.

We must know all of information requested in the Surrender Contract before we can consider taking your dog into our rescue.  We always have an owner surrender wait list but will do our best to secure a foster home for your dog in a timely manner.

Once your dog is surrendered to rescue he/she will be evaluated by one of our veterinarians, then placed in a foster home for evaluation, then adopted by one of our approved adopters.  Owner surrenders will be required to sign an owner surrender form and will give up all right to the dog. Surrendering a dog to our rescue means you will not be eligible to adopt from us in the future.

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue Surrender Application