Austin Rockwell – Medical Hold

3/11/21 – Please welcome Austin Rockwell. He was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by Macon-Bibb Animal Control once his stray hold was up. We are treating him for mange, an eye infection, a bacterial skin infection, a yeast skin infection, and a severe ear infection. Once we get all his […]

Mateo – Medical Hold

3/11/21 – Please welcome Mateo. His owners are no longer able to care for him, so they asked us to find him a new family. He is already neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. But he has an eye infection, a bacterial skin infection, a tail pocket infection, and a severe ear infection. […]

Dallas – Medical Hold

3/9/21 – Please welcome Dallas! Her owners are no longer able to care for her, so they asked us to find her a new family. She is already vaccinated but we are treating her for a skin infection and a bladder infection; once that clears up she will be spayed. 3/17/21 – Dallas started her […]

Maggie Kate – Medical Hold

2/25/21 – Please welcome Maggie Kate. Maggie Kate was turned over to us by her family because she was not happy living with a young child or the dog that moved into the home. They asked us to find her a home with no dogs, cats or young children. She is up to date on […]


2/16/21 – Please welcome Xeena. Xeena is an emergency intake that has been is paralyzed since Thursday. She is on the way now to get an MRI and we are hoping she is a candidate for corrective surgery and that there is chance this sweet pup can walk again. Her onwner are not able to […]

Rudy May – Medical Hold

2/4/21 – Please welcome Meet Rudy May! She was born on September 25th with a heart murmur. Last week, she saw a cardiologist and was diagnosed with severe pulmonic stenosis and tricuspid valve dysplasia. She will need to be on heart medication for an extended time, then she will see the cardiologist at UGA for […]

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Rosie Dawn – Adoption Pending

1/26/21 – Please welcome Rosie Dawn! Someone purchased her from craigslist in order to get her into rescue. We do not know her history and she has a few medical things going on that need to be addressed. She has horrible ear infections that have gone untreated for some time. The ear canals are swollen […]

Gracie Wren

1/25/21 – Please welcome Gracie Wren! She joins us from a retired breeder’s home. She needs to have a fatty mass removed from her nipple and a hard mammary mass removed then sent off for biopsy; she will be spayed at the same time. We are treating an ear infection, a skin infection, and a […]


1/8/21 – Please welcome Tiffany! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by Henry County Animal Control once her stray hold was up. She is already spayed and overall looks healthy other than a little bit overweight. 2/18/21 – Tiffany is being treated for a bladder infection. We noticed she […]

Livingston – Medical Hold

12/23/20: Please welcome Livingston. He was picked up as a stary by Fayette County Animal Control. He was released to as an urgent medical case. He is eating well and feels fine but has been drinking a bit more water than necessary. He has a severe skin infection over most of his body. He is […]

Daisy Lynn and Dusty

12/17/20: Please welcome Daisy Lynn and Dusty. There owner was no longer able to care for them, so they were turned over to us. They need exams, vaccinations, and treatment for severe skin infections and bladder infections and hook worms. They are underweight and appear to have weak back legs. We are hopeful that quality […]

Valentino – Medical Hold

12/15/20: Please welcome Valentino. His most recent owner purchased him from someone so that he could get proper vet care. It turned out to be a little more than he could handle so he asked us to take him into rescue to help him. He has a severe skin infection, mange, an ear infection, and […]

JD – Medical Hold

12/5/20: Please welcome JD. He was turned over to us by a breeder because of his cleft palate. He will be cared for by one of dedicated volunteers that will help nurse him back to health. He was born on Thursday, December 3. He weighs 8.5 ounces, which is a perfect size for a new […]

Phoenix – Adoption Pending

11/25/20: Please welcome Phoenix! He is an emergency pick up from Fulton County late in the day on the eve of Thanksgiving. He was picked up as a stray; he was bloody, covered in scabs, cold and scared. We rushed to the shelter to pick him up and get him to our vet for a […]