Savannah Aiken

2/19/24 – Please welcome Savannah Aiken! Savannah Aiken’s owner turned her over to a vet clinic because she needed surgery they could not afford. The vet clinic turned her over to us so we can get her the care she needs. She has a prolapsed rectum so we took her directly to the emergency vet clinic. They were able to reduce the prolapse and place a purse string. She will be on a special diet, stool softeners and be dewormed. We will remove the purse string in a week.

2/28/24 – Savannah Aiken’s rectum prolapsed as soon as we removed the purse string so we moved forward with a colopexy surgery. So now her colon is attached to her abdominal wall. We decided to spay her at this time too since it would have been difficult for us to remove her uterus at a later time. Over the next month we will wean her off of her medications and transition her onto regular dry dog food. We also discovered that she can not hear. Her foster mom is teaching her sign language for basic commands.

5/14/24 – Savannah Aiken has been adopted.  Congrats Savannah Aiken and Parker family!


approximate age: 11/20/23
approximate weight: 9
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: she has been around a few older kids and loves them but is not living with any
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream Puppy
lifelong medications: none
likes: cuddles, attention, play with her foster brother
dislikes: we have not discovered any yet
ideal home: she will do well in any home that will continue with her sign language training and potty training

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