Zambonee – April 19th, 2015

2/9/14: Welcome SENIOR Zambonee, to GEBR!  After our last Bully Ball meeting today, Zambonee came into our rescue.  Probably 8 -9 years old, he was found laying in a 10 ft ditch.  He is neutered, major eye issues, terrible ear infection and masses on his body.    Thank goodness Melissa and Wayne found him.  And thank you Suzanne, Maureen and Ben for getting him to us.  More info to come on this sweet boy.

Update 2/19/20: Zambonee had a full exam and things do not look great for this guy at the moment.  We vaccinated him and began to treat his ear infections.  His left eye has a cherry eye, dry eye and not much vision if any at all.  His right eye is ruptured and should be removed.  Unfortunately his biggest problem is his heart and we are not sure he can undergo anesthesia to have eye surgery.  We started him on heart medication a few days ago and we think it is helping him a little.  We are also looking into additional medication that may help even more.  He is moving into a foster home in a few days and we will see how does.

Update 2/21/14: Zambonee had an ultrasound and it has been determined he has pulmonary hypertension.  He began medication for this today.  He is at high risk for anesthesia but we feel it is important for him to have surgery to remove this ruptured eye ball and to repair his cherry eye.  He will have surgery on Tuesday.

Update 3/3/14: Zambonee’s surgery went well on Tuesday and he moved into his foster home today.  He was a little stressed the first day but he has settled in and seems to be doing ok.  We believe he can hear a little and may have a tiny bit of vision in his eye.  Zambonee will not be adopted; he will spend the rest of his days as a permanent GEBR foster.

Update 5/10/14: Z-man continues to do well. We have had to increase his lasix a bit but not much. I have refilled his sildenafil for the first time, who would have thought!

We have been given some information about Z-mans past. He is reportedly 14 years old and was owned by one family his entire life. For the last few years he was left roaming to the horror of the owners neighborhood. He would eventually find his way home…..sick, deaf and blind with a ruptured right eye! He was found hanging out near the ditch he ultimately fell into and moved away once by a stranger who cared more than his family. We believe he was only in the ditch for a short time before he was rescued by an angel, again a stranger who cared more than his family. His family NEVER attempted to look for him.

We do feel the need for retribution, but know there is no redeeming people like his former owners…..we do know where they live and would love nothing better than to call them out for the monsters they are….but again, you can’t force conscience on those without souls. I am not their judge but I take comfort in knowing that they will ultimately have to answer for their actions.

For now, when it counts the most….ERNIE……Will have plenty of food, a soft bed, warmth when he’s cold, A/C and his own personal fan when he’s warm, and someone who cares. He is the sweetest boy who loves to feel the vibration of his foster mom’s my voice on the top of his head, who sits with Ruthann on the front porch each night he feels strong enough and knows he is loved.

We not sure how long he will stay with Ruthann (we had another choking incident last night that I was able to clear) but I guarantee this last chapter of his life are the BEST DAYS OF HIS LIFE.

Please keep him in your thoughts.


April 19, 2015:  Zambonee got his wings last night. His breathing difficulties began suddenly and progressed rapidly.  His foster mom was  able to get him to UGA ER but despite their best efforts he did not improve.  He passed in Ruthann’s arms. He was loved, he was pampered and spoiled rotten.  He deserved that!
Rest in Peace precious soul.
“Da Gubanna”
15 years, 3 months


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M Weiland and Lucy Lou, GEBR alum

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