Diesel – April 30th, 2015

We lost our dear 6 year old red dog Diesel to a bowel obstruction.  Here’s a link to his story
https://www.facebook.com/cngaines/media_set?set=a.10206984992082831.1220044418&type=3.  He was the best dog. He loved everything and was so curious about everything.  When we rescued him from craigslist, his owners said he could not be potty trained and he chews everything and he’s just no fun, he does nothing. I’ll never forget when he learned that he was a good boy for going potty outside.  He turned around and looked at me while he was going, I told him he was good and practically picked him up kissing him. He was so excited. He was potty trained from that day on. I don’t think anyone ever told him he was good for anything. At times he would still go outside but would not go to the bathroom. All I would have to do is give him a big reminder kiss. Then it was like he said “oh, that’s right, she loves me and thinks I’m a good boy” then he would pee and do a happy, prancing trot.
~ Chris and Nicole
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