Hank – March 19th, 2015

2/25/15: Please welcome Hank!  He is an emergency intake today.  He’s been sick for a month and owners were unable to provide care.  He was given to another family who contacted us after a week of having him.  At this time, we are unsure of what’s wrong with him except that he has a neck abscess (possibly snake or spider bite), is unable to eat or drink and today was unable to stand.  

Update 2/26/15: He was able to eat a little soft food and is up wagging his tail.  Unfortunately it appears that he may have a thyroid tumor.  Radiographs showed tumor in lungs and the large mass on his throat that is pressing on his windpipe.  Aspirates of the mass were taken and sent to UGA.  Hopefully they can determine what type of mass he has.   

Update 3/2/15: The cytology cam back with no definite answer but it did not show cancer.  He will be going to GVS for a surgical consultation tomorrow. 

Update 3/5/15: We received devastating news today regarding sweet boy Hank.  He went to the specialist this morning and none of us was prepared for what we heard.  Another needle biopsy was performed which again showed no cancer cells.  BUT, this neck mass is massive, so large that it is compressing Hank’s trachea.  So large that he most likely would not survive the stress of anesthesia  The surgeons do not feel that they can remove it even if he could survive the anesthesia.  As an added complication, we don’t know which nerves or major blood vessels are incased in the mass or if it’s invading the esophagus and/or trachea.  Our first inclination was to take him somewhere else for another opinion but the reality is, we’ve already had three opinions and the consensus is the same.  The mass is not resectable. Hank is able to eat, he’s gained 2 pounds this week but he is showing signs of restricted breathing, worse with exertion.  He’s not suffering at the moment so for now we will pick ourselves up, step back and think about this logically after we get over the shock. Regardless, we will always make the best and most humane decision for Hank.  We have started him on antibiotics and prednisone.  He is currently looking for a hospice home in the Atlanta area.


March 19, 2015:  With broken hearts we are sorry to say that our sweet boy Hank passed peacefully in his sleep last night.  Hank spent his last 5 days being loved and cherished by the Monday family, as we obtained a 4th medical opinion and were making plans for him to go to UGA for more advanced imaging in hopes of finding a way to remove his neck tumor. He was a precious boy and although  ill took pleasure in spending time with his new kids.

Rest in Peace precious soul, til we meet again.



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