Winnie – April 23rd, 2019

Meet Winnie, a young female found wondering on a country road, emaciated and lactating.  Attempts at finding her pups were not successful.  Winnie was taken to a vet in Vidalia for help.  Shortly thereafter, we got the call from our friend Thyra.  Winnie is with us now at Riverside Animal Hospital.

Update 5/17/12:  Winnie seems to be enjoying her time at Riverside.  She moves continuously and is very difficult to get still for a photo.  One thing that made me sad, when photo time was done, she put her head down and walked promptly to her run.  This little girl is no stranger to confinement.  Hoping she’ll be released soon so we can show what it feels like to be free and loved. She’s very very petite and presently very skinny.

Update 6/5/12: Winnie’s breasts have decreased in size enough that we can spay.  Dr. Ross has plans for early next week.  She does appear thin in photos and her fur is rather dull, this is to be expected after delivering pups, although it wouldn’t be nearly as severe if she had been well cared for during her pregnancy. She is a very tiny little girl.  Loves attention but sadly is a little too used to the crate. After playtime is over, she puts down her head and obediently goes back to her run.

Update 6/16/12:  Winnie has been spayed and moved to her foster home.  She is offically ready for adoption.

4/23/19: Winnie crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep her family in your thoughts. 


A Brookins

K Pope


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