Sealy Sue – April 22nd, 2019

10/19/18:  Please welcome Sealy Sue!  She joins us from Henry County Animal Control. She was picked up by animal control as a stray and when no one came looking for her she joined the rescue.  She needs to be vaccinated, spayed, have a ‘golf ball sized’ mammary mass removed, have her palate shortened and have her teeth cleaned. But she needs to lose some weight before we can move forward with her surgery. She has been diagnosed with dry eye and we are currently treating her with tacrolimus and cyclosporine eye drops.

She is eight years old.  She likes dogs and young children.  At this time we do not know how she feels about cats.

11/26/18:  Sealy Sue had her first surgery, she had her teeth cleaned and had a few decaying teeth extracted.  We did x-rays that confirmed she has severe arthritis.  We added carprofin to her daily routine to help with this.  She will head back to the vet in two weeks for her next surgery.  At that time she will be spayed, have her palate shortened and have a mammary mass removed.

12/11/18:  Sealy Sue had her second surgery today and all went well.  She was spayed and had a large mammary mass removed.  We should have biopsy results in a week.

1/4/19:  Sealy Sue’s biopsy came back and the mass was not cancer.  But she developed another large mass very quickly.  She had her third surgery today and all went well.  She had the new mammary mass removed and she had her palate shortened.  We should have biopsy results in a week.


April 22, 2019:  Sealy Sue crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her foster family in your thoughts.

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