Sinatra – April 23rd, 2019

6/18/10: Sinatra is a two year old female who is mild mannered, affectionate, playful, and full of love. She is completely potty trained and loves her kennel. Needs an owner with a firm hand and will benefit in a single dog home. She is very athletic for an English bulldog, can even jog along side of you! Believe it or not she does not snore!!! She does have irritable skin, and will require special attention in that area. Very healthy other than a knee fracture with repair as a puppy. Sinatra is a great cuddle buddy and will fill your home with love!!!

Sinatra will be available for adoption after she has been spayed.  At present, she lives with a lab…aside from normal squabbles over attention and toys, they get along well.  Sinatra is being fostered by her owners until an adoptive family has been found.

Update: Sinatra had some difficulty in her owners home with their other dog.  We felt it best that Sinatra go to another home.  Since she is “dog aggressive” she came to me for safe keeping.  After an initial outburst when she was confronted with my 2 Doxies, she’s settled down and hasn’t displayed any  “gate or crate aggression”.  She has been on steroids intermittently for the last 2 years (for a skin condition) , this may be the source of the aggression.  We will give her more time to decompress before attempting that hurdle.  Her skin is in terrible condition.  We have already changed her to premium grain free food and placed her on antibiotics.  The wet lesions have dried up but her skin needs more work.  We will attempt a “non steroid” approach to healing her skin issues.  She has stellar behavior with humans and loves children…she loves any attention she gets.

Update 10/06/10: Her skin was beautiful and we were able to perform spay.  During the hospital stay, she was exposed to something that set her skin off again.  We have sent off blood work for allergy testing.  Sweet girl is getting better, but we need to get to the bottom of the allergy mystery and find a solution so she can live the rest of her life comfortably.  Sinatra is a very, very sweet girl and has never shown one ounce of aggression towards me or my children.  She can play rough, just like most bulldogs.  Her potty habits are improving but she has an aversion to going outside after dark.  She will potty in her room, on a towel if she is left alone BUT will not have an accident if she is interacting with the family.  I think she gets angry with me when I limit her access to the rest of the house and does it to show her irritation.

Update 12/22/10: We continue having skin issues.  As soon as I get her skin cleared, something else she’s allergic to blooms.  We are going to begin allergy shots before spring hits and see if we can get some improvement.  Potty training is going well and she has finally adapted to our schedule.  Instead of accidents multiple times a day and refusal to step into the yard to potty, we don’t have any problem getting her out the door now,  since she is on the lookout for that rascally frog that evaded her all summer.  She is fearful of the dark but has been much better the last few weeks.  She absolutely will not take a step out into the yard if it’s raining, the dear certainly doesn’t like to get her paws wet.  She’s had one accident in the last 2 weeks and that was only because it rained and she refused to go out…you can only hold it for so long before the dam bursts.

Update 1/19/11: Sinatra has mastered the art of going potty outside!!!!!!  but must be accompanied by her human.  Not a problem because I never leave my English Bulldogs outside without supervision.

Her skin initially cleared and she did well during the summer, but after her spay surgery this fall, we had been having recurrent issues with skin infections.  We finally got to the bottom of the skin mystery…Demodex mange.  She is undergoing treatment at present.  We anticipate a quick and complete recovery, then we can proceed to weekly allergy shots before spring.

Sinatra is a very sweet girl who did have self-confidence issues when she first came to rescue.  We are working on those and have made great strides.  She was reportedly dog aggressive but hasn’t acted aggressive with any of the other dogs in my home but has only had limited exposure.  She visited PetSmart this weekend and did well.

Update 10/15/11: Sinatra’s skin has been inflamed again during the late summer and early fall. After a course of antibiotics and steroids, she immediately broke out again! The reason: darn bunny rabbits coming into my yard and leaving their droppings. As closely as I watch her, she can’t seem to resist their little nuggets (gross I know). Now I have to go outside and find every little deposit, before I allow her into to yard. She’s back on antibiotics and another round of steroids. Her potty issues and fears have continued, despite attempts at training and rewards for doing her business outside. We have decided to consult a pet communicator for help. Sounds crazy but we’ve tried everything else, I don’t think we have anything to lose. At Doggy Palooza today, her behavior was fantastic. She walked through groups of dogs without fear, even showed a little interest in them.
Update 11/10/11: Allergies have been a big problem this fall. She is also going to begin allergy shots in the hope that she’ll be ready for next fall allergens.

Update 1/12/12: Sinatra began her allergy shots and is responding well to them.

Update 4/7/12: Sinatra’s skin is not looking great.  It looks like she may have a staff infection.  We are thinking a trip to the dermatologist is needed.

Update 9/30/13: Please keep Sinatra in your thoughts and prayers as she faces yet another health challenge. This poor little girl has suffered from horrible skin allergies since she was a puppy. That coupled with her emotional challenges have made her unadoptable. She’s been safe with me for the last 3 years, where no one mistreats her, accepts her emotional limitations and is constantly battling her skin problems.
Over the last few weeks, she has become very lethargic as well as suffering from a recurrent bladder infection. She was weaned off prednisone and placed on cyclosporin about 2 months ago…that’s when the insidious lethargy began. Dr. Ross is now evaluating her for an endocrine issue, possibly brought about from repeated and long term use of prednisone. Hopefully we will know something soon and will know how to treat her. She feels awful and we feel awful for her.

Update 10/1/13: Update: routine bloodwork came back normal. Shannon took her back for an ACTH challenge test this afternoon. What ever they gave her sure put a pep back in her step. Results will be back on Thursday.  Due to her chronic skin issues she is not adoptable and will remain a permanent foster with GEBR.

4/23/19: Sinatra crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep her family in your thoughts. 


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