3/2/14: Please welcome Tucker!  Tucker’s family moved away but left him at the house with his brother Riley.  A neighbor noticed them and took them to the shelter.  We picked him up and transported him to our vet.

He needs to be neutered, have his teeth cleaned and have entropian surgery on both eyes. We are currently treating him for an ear infection and dry eye.  He will remain on eye drops for dry eye for the rest of his life.  He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine then move into his foster home.

The shelter believes he is around four years old.  He seems to get along fine with Riley.  We have not seen him around cats or children.

Update 3/26/14: Tucker moved into his foster home on Saturday. He will be going back to the vet on Thursday for surgery; he still needs to be neutered and have entropian surgery. Dr. Ross was unable to do it sooner because of the discharge from the untreated dry eye.

Apparently he is not a fan of getting his eye drops; it is a two man job. But he loves car rides, cuddling and laying in laps. He does not mind the cats in his foster home and gets along fine with both of the dogs. He has not been around small children but really enjoys the attention from the older children in his foster home.

Update 4/4/14: Tucker had his surgery last week and is recovering nicely. He is loving the good life with this foster family!

Update 4/24/14: Tucker had a follow up visit with Dr. Ross yesterday for his eyes.  The tear production has actually gotten worse over the past few weeks on tacrolimus so we are treating it with cyclosporine now and will hope for better results.  If things do not improve then he will see Dr. King the ophthalmologist in a few weeks.

Update 6/14/14:  Tucker backed his bags and moved to AL with his new daddy!  Congrats Tucker and Austin!



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