3/1/14: Please welcome Brooklyn. Last week we got an email from his owner stating that she no longer had time for him and wanted to know if we could take him off her hands. Not knowing what would happen to Brooklyn if we did not take him off her hands, we made arrangements to bring him into rescue a few days later. It turns out he also has a knee issue that was not mentioned at the time of surrender. He has a consult next week with Dr Cross.

Brooklyn just turned 1 year old. He is a big boy and currently weighs 70 pounds! He is also currently on a diet!

He is good with dogs and kids.

Update 3/7/14:  Brooklyn is great with the cats in his foster home.  He pretty much completely ignores them, but when he does show interest, it’s gentle curiosity.  He’s also very gentle when he takes anything from your hand.  He is great with the kids, except sometimes, because he’s such a hoss, he can run over them and flatten them!  So his foster parents are working on that.  He is a big sweetie, but very timid and scared of new things and doesn’t have much in the way of manners.  He doesn’t like to pee in the grass – he pees on the porch.  He is deathly afraid of big dog bowls.  His foster mom tried every bowl in the house before he decided he liked one and then he finally ate.

Update 3/12/14: Brooklyn had his consult with Dr Cross today. X-ray confirmed the radial head is laterally displaced in his right elbow but he has normal, non-painful range of motion. This is causing him to favor his right elbow when walking.  It is something that happened while he was growing and there is nothing that can be done surgically to correct it. He also has mild patellar luxation in his right knee but he can pop his knee cap back in on his own by stretching out his leg. Surgery is not recommend at this time unless his knee begins to bother him more often than not. Up until today we have been restricting his activity. He will no longer be restricted and his foster mom will watch him closely over the next two weeks to see how often, if at all, his knee bothers him. He will be available for adoption in a few weeks after we know for sure there is nothing more that needs to be done for his knee.

Update 4/3/14: Brooklyn had a visit with Dr. Ross because he has a tail pocket infection. He has a tight tail pocket that a finger can not get to! He is on antibiotics and his foster mom will be using Q-tips to get to that hard to reach spot. On a brighter note he is down six pounds and his knee is not bothering him. He has been taking nightly walks with his foster family and loving it. He and his foster sister love to play and wrestle. Sometimes they play a little too hard! He is doing well with the small children in his foster home.

Update 4/24/14: Brooklyn is going to see Dr Rush today for a consult on his tail. He has an extremely tight tail pocket and we are having trouble keeping infection away. If Dr. Rush thinks amputation is the best option then Brooklyn will have surgery tomorrow.

Update 4/25/14:  Brooklyn did have tail amputation surgery today.  All went well!  He will see Dr. Rush is two weeks for a follow up and he should be cleared for adoption then.  He is down to 65 pounds!

Update 5/13/14:  Brooklyn had his tail amputation surgery stitches removed this morning and has been cleared for adoption.  He is good with dogs, cats and kids.

Update 5/31/14:  Brooklyn packed his bags and moved into his forever home.  Congrats Brooklyn, Ty and Emily!





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