T-Bone – October 17th, 2017

6/11/14:  Please welcome T-bone.  T-bone is an owner surrender that is in need of medical attention.  He has not seen a vet since December 2009!  His owner tells us he has discharge from his eyes that can not be treated so he is going blind. He is now safe at Dr. Rush’s and we will get to the bottom of his eye issue as well as get him neutered and vaccinated. He will be five years old next month.  We are told he like dogs and kids, we do not know if he likes cats.

Update 6/13/14:  Dr. Rush confirmed that T-bone has dry eye.  Unfortunately since it went untreated for so long he has some scarring on his corneas.  We are hopeful that some of this may clear a bit  up after being on medication.  He also has a severe double ear infection.  We started him on tacrolimus for eyes and antibiotics for his ears.  He will see Dr. Rush again in a few weeks for a check up.

Update 7/15/14: T-bone had a check up yesterday and his ears are looking much better but his eye are showing little improvement on tacrolimus alone.  Dr Rush added in cyclosporine too the daily routine and we will recheck in a few weeks.

Update 8/14/14:  One of TBone’s knees is giving him trouble.  He will be seeing Dr Cross for consult next week.

Update 8/22/14:  TBone saw Dr Cross and he does need to have surgery on his left knee.  He will have it don on 9/4.  Dr Rush checked his ears and eyes today.  His ear infection has cleared up.  His tear production is still low but the tacrolimus and cyclosporine drops are helping.

Update 9/4/14:  TBone has his knee surgery and all went well.  He will need to see Dr Cross again in two weeks for a check up and to have his stitches removed.  Then he will see his again four to six weeks after that for a final check up and x-ray.  If all looks good he will be available for adoption then.

Update 10/8/14:  TBone saw Dr Cross today for a check up and x-ray of his knee.  He is still showing some signs of lameness so Dr Cross wants to recheck in six weeks.

Update 11/13/14:  TBone was Dr Cross again today for another check up and x-ray.  He was limping a bit so he started him on rimadyl.  He may need to stay on this when his knee is bothering him but other than that he is healthy and ready for adoption.

Update 12/7/14:  T-Bone packed his bags and moved to SC.  Congrats Curry family!  


October 17, 2017:  TBone passed away today.  Please keep his the Curry family in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace TBone



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