Jazz – October 19th, 2017

9/22/14:  Please welcome Jazmine.  Jazmine is currently at a vet in Fayetteville, NC being treated.  We aren’t quite sure what is going on with her at the moment but hope to find out soon.  Jazmine was found laying on the side of the road early yesterday evening.  As you can see by the second photo, she has multiple puncture wounds, in various states of healing on her left hind leg.  The leg is very swollen and painful.  According to the ER vet last night….. These are puncture wounds!  X-ray’s today show no spine fracture, no pelvic fracture and no leg fracture.  Today’s vet thinks there is underlying infection beneath these wounds and has started her on antibiotics.  Her abdomen is pretty swollen but at this point appears to be filled with stool.  Too painful for her to stand to take a constitutional.  The vet is going to try to clean her out tonight so we can get better abdominal x-rays in the morning.

She is very tiny, very sweet, very scared and in a lot of pain( but medicine will take care of that).  She’s also ” shut down” emotionally from her ordeal.
 Update 9/23/14:  Our friend, Sandra Stock went to visit and love on Jazmine today.  As you can see, she is standing and walking, amazing what some IV fluids and antibiotics can do.  I was surprised to see that she has injuries on both sides of her bottom.  No wonder baby girl didn’t want to walk.  Thank you for brightening Jazmine’s day Sandra!
Update 9/25/14: Jazz is now safe and at Dr Rush’s. Thanks for all of your help today Erica, Roberta, Jessica and Lynn!
Update 9/26/14:  Jazmine has a few hurdles to overcome.  She is underweight, heartworm positive, she has hookworms, she is anemic and she has low blood proteins.  She will move into her foster home for a few weeks so she can gain some weight and get healthy.  Then she will be spayed and a week after that she will go back to the vet for four weeks of heartworm treatment.
Update 10/1/14:  Jazz moved into her foster home.  She gets to live with the Bully Blanket lady…how lucky is she!  She seems to like her foster brother Jager and the two young boys living in her new house too.  Her leg wounds are healing nicely.
She will be available for adoption once she recovers from heartworm treatment and all of her medical needs are taken care of.
Update 11/3/14:  Jazz went back to the vet to begin her heartworm treatment.
Update 12/2/14:  Jazz finished her heartworm treatment today and has been cleared for adoption.  Jazz is between 6-7 years old.  She likes dog and children.  We do not know if she likes cats.   Jazz has arthritis in her spine and is taking carprofin daily to help manage the pain.
approximate age: 6-7 approximate weight: 32 likes dogs: yes likes cats: n/a likes children: yes food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream life long medications: carprofin for arthritis pain management
Update 2/28/15:  Jazz has been adopted!  Congrats Jazz and Hudson family!

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October 19, 2017:  Jazz passed away today.  Please keep the Hudson family in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace Jazz



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