Olive – October 20th, 2017

1/15/14: Please welcome Olive!  She came to us from Gordon Co AC.  Thanks to Vanessa for heading to pick her up on such short notice. At this time we know what she needs cherry eye surgery, has cataracts, a growth on one paw and possibly an ear infection.  She is heartworm negative.  We will know more once Dr Ross does a full exam. At this time we do not know her age, or if she likes dogs, cats or kids.  Vanessa said she was very sweet and calm on the car ride to the vet. All of her medical issues will be addressed while she will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine.  Then she will move into her foster home.  We will update as we learn more about her.

Update 2/27/14: Olive was spayed and had cherry eye surgery this past Tuesday.  She moved into her foster home last night.  She still needs to take it easy for the next week but you can tell she wants to play with her foster brother Lou.  She had dry eye in both eyes and will remain on eye drops for the rest of her life.  Olive is ready for adoption.

Update 8/17/14:  Olive picked out her new family yesterday!  Congrats Olive and Hannah family!  


T Helms & J Iannini

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop  



October 20, 2017:  Winn-E passed away today.  Please keep Jeannie and Steve in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace Winn-E


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