Stela – June 20th, 2017

5/17/14: Please welcome Stela!  Sometime last year Stela’s owner passed away.  The person left to protect Stela decided to put her outside without shelter, vet care and barley enough food to survive.  Luckily for Stela she found her way to the  local animal shelter.  The shelter was about to give up on her until one day a local man who has rescued many dogs over his life time picked her up and gave her hope.  Apparently at the time she was about 20 pounds underweight!  She was not spayed, she was covered in mange and her nails were so long they were curling into her paw pads. Over the next few months David nursed her back to health, put some much needed pounds of her, started treating her mange, had her spayed and began working on her nails.  As you can see from the photos they are still long but it will take a while to get them cut back; her paws are very sensitive.  With so many other dogs to care for David decided it was time to call GEBR to take over.  Stela is now at our the vet and will have a full exam, vaccinations and nail trim this week. We believe Stela is around five years old.  She likes dog and kids but does not like cats.

Update 6/2/14: Stela is doing great in her foster home.  She loves her weekly baths and all of the papering she is getting from Kelly and Robbie.  Look how great her nose looks already!  No more crusty nose for this little lady.  She goes back to see Dr. Rush at the end of the week for a recheck.

Update 6/6/14:  Stela is doing better but she still has mange.  She goes back to see Dr. Rush in 2-3 weeks.

Update 7/6/14:  Stela joined the Maddox family!  She gets to spend the rest of her days with Humphrey, GEBR alum.  Congrats Stela and Maddox family!    



June 20, 2017: Stela passed away peacefully in her sleep last night.  Please keep the Maddox family in your thoughts.





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J Berkwitt

Smith’s Appliance Store – in honor of Cecilia Seiler for her love and care towards all the beloved UGA’s    


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