Meaty – February 15th, 2017

Meaty is a 2 1/2 year old owner surrender. Last September Meaty developed a seizure disorder and was placed on Phenobarbital.  He did very very well without seizures until one seizure last week.  This normally wouldn’t have been a problem, just up the dose right?  Unfortunately Meaty’s owner suffers from a very severe anxiety disorder and has been unable to care for Meaty during his seizures and just the thought of him having another seizure brings on a panic attack. Faced with the prospect of not being able to care for Meaty during and after any seizure he might have in the future, his owner decided that it would be best to place Meaty in a home with a family that was more emotionally prepared to handle any seizure activity he may have.  This was a very difficult decision for his owner. Meaty is a very sweet young man and enjoys his humans tremendously. He was raised with a toddler and 2 small dogs in the home.  He is in good health. No eye, ear or skin issues. Once Meaty’s phenobarbital levels are stabilized and therapeutic, he will be able to safely undergo neuter.  His medication dosage has just been increased, we will be able to check the level in a few days.  Meaty has had no further seizures since the one last week. Just a reminder: Anti seizure medications do not STOP seizures, they only control the number.  He may never have another seizure again, but he could have one next week.  Stable blood phenobarbital levels is the key in treatment of this disease.  Meaty will need to be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of his life and it must be given on a strict schedule.

Update 4/9/2011:  Meaty is on an increased dose of Phenobarbital and has not any seizures while in our care.  

Update 7/22/2011:  Meaty found his “Furever” home with GEBR’s very own Stephanie!  Congratulations Meaty, Stephanie and Chunk!

February 15, 2017: We had to say goodbye to Meaty today. His seizures took over and we had to end his suffering.