Paisley – April 16th, 2017

1/14/17:  Please welcome Paisley!  She was saved from a crappy situation by a kind person that helped her make her way to us.  Thank you Kim Wall, Kathy Truzo, Deb Garrett and Ruthann Phillips for getting her to us safely.

She is not spayed yet and we are treated a double ear infection. She is also about 8 pounds underweight.  She is now vaccinated and she will be spayed once she gets to a healthy weight.

She is two years old.  She likes dogs but we do not know at this time if she likes cats or young children.  She will be ready for adoption after she recovers from spay surgery.

Update 2/10/17:  Paisley had surgery today.  She was spayed, had a small mammary mass removed and had her palate shortened.  We are still battling ear infections and allergy issues.  

April 16, 2017:  Paisley passed away unexpectedly today.  She was feeling a little “off”, we had an ultrasound schedule for early this week but she crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning.  Please keep her foster mom Brande in your thoughts. 








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