Donna – May 4th, 2019

7/25/16: Please welcome Donna! She was a stray that found herself at Barrow Co AC. They contacted us to see if we could help her and of course we were there for her the moment her stray hold was up. Thank you for being “rescue friendly” Barrow Co AC. She is covered with a horrible skin infection on most of her body. Her nose rope is extremely infected and crusty. Her ears are pretty swollen shut from infection and neglect and they are full of nasty yeast and bacteria. She also has dry eye. Once her infections are cleared up she will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned. It will be a little while before she is feeling and looking better.
She is around 7 years old. We do not know at this time if she likes dogs, cats or young children.
Update 8/9/16:  Most of Donna’s infections have cleared up, with the exception of her ear infections.  She was spayed today and all went well.  She has to see the vet in two weeks to have her spay staples removed and again two weeks later to have her ears checked.
Update 8/19/16:  Donna has moved into her foster home and so far things are going well.  She is living with another dog and that seems to be going well.  She has met a few older children and seems to enjoy them.  She will be spending of her time with a toddler in the near future.  And she likes riding in the car!
Update 9/11/16: Donna picked out her new family today! Congrats Donna and Williams family!
5/14/19: Shelby (formally known as Donna) crosses over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep her family in your thoughts. 
approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 45
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes children: yes
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: cyclosporine for dry eye

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