9/8/14:  Please welcome Rudy.  He is on his way from Madison, NC to Tucker, GA now thanks to Suzie, Cristi, Amanda and Dawn.   His owners dropped him off at the shelter because they no longer wanted him.  Suzie saved him from the shelter and took him to her vet to keep him safe for a few days until he could join us in GA. He will be evaluated by Dr Rush tomorrow and he will be neutered and have his palate evaluated on Friday.  If all goes well he will be moving into his foster home on Saturday.   We will update as we learn more about him.

Update 9/16/14:  Rudy had palate and neuter surgery last Friday.  All went well!  Dr Rush also pulled a few teeth and cleaned the rest of them. At this time his ears are pretty infected and he is suffering from some skin issues.  We are treating his ear infection topically and doing daily ear cleanings.  Dr Rush thinks his skin issues are related to allergies.  With a good diet and regular care he should be feeling better in no time. We believe he is around five years old. He met a two little girls on his way to Atlanta last week and he liked them a lot.  He is living with a 5 year old little girl and 1 year old little boy and he is great with both of them. We have not seen him around other dogs or cats. He will be ready for adoption once we recovers from surgery and we get a better handle on his skin issues.

Update 10/4/14:  Rudy saw Dr Rush for his follow up visit and he has been cleared for adoption.  He foster family says he likes naps, being pet, car rides, treats, short walks, and apple slices.  He is not interested in toys.  He is extremely quiet and patient.

approximate age: 5

approximate weight: 50 pounds

likes dogs: he has had limited interaction with them with under our care but seems to be fine when interacting with them at the vets office likes

cats: he has had limited interaction with them with under our care but seems to be fine when seeing them at the vets office

likes children: yes and is very patient with infants or toddlers

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: none

Update 11/9/14:  Rudy has been adopted!  Congrats Rudy, Lulu, Tara and Tony.  His new family will be calling him Beau.


Beau (formally known as Rudy) crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

Rest In Peace Beau




R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop






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