7/23/14:  Please welcome Banjo!  Banjo has landed thanks to Jennifer and Carol! A few weeks back animal control was notified about him by a concerned neighbor.  He was living in the dirt and tied up with a chain.  Once animal control was awarded custody of him the shelter called us to save him.

He ‘s a little over a year old, heart worm negative and his poor poor ears are looking much better.  He was neutered on 7/22.  He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine while Dr Ross addresses any other medical issues he may have.

We can see from the photos that he likes children, and he did not mind the few dogs he met at the vets office.  We do not know if he likes cats.  Jennifer and Carol both say he is super sweet and loving. Welcome precious boy!

Update 8/16/14:  Banjo moved into his foster home.  It seems his energy level is a bit too much for the 2 year old grandchild in the home so he is now in a foster home with no kids and one other male bulldog.

Banjo is young and very active.  He needs an adopter that will take the time to work with him on manners and basic obedience.  He is good with dogs but plays rough and would need to be with a dog his own size.  Size a 60 pounds.  He will not be placed in a home with very young children.  He plays rough with people too if he is excited.  He will benefit from a low key home that is willing to take the time to work with him on manners and basic obedience.

Update 9/11/14:  Banjo met with Anna from Happy Healthy Pups for a training session.  Dr Ross is checking him for a UTI today.  He also got a thunder shirt and a few supplements to help with anxiety.

We want any potential adopters to know as much about Banjo and we can so here are some notes from Anna…

Things went well with Banjo. He’s a great dog! He’ll be so much fun for someone. He really shuts down when confronted, it’s not necessarily the crate itself. It’s the fact that he feels confrontation every time he goes in or out.

I gave his foster parents a few things to work on with him and instructions on how to make him feel less threatened. He definitely needs some confidence boosting.
I would encourage whomever adopts him to teach him some basics and perhaps a trick – as that is a huge confidence booster. He will need someone who is patient and doesn’t feel compelled to “make” him do things if he doesn’t listen. No one should be doing that with dogs anyway, but Banjo is sensitive and it could permanently ruin the relationship. 
He happily went in and out of the kennel for me several times last night without any issue at all. 
Also, he is urinating in his sleep. This is part of their issue. I suggested that he be tested for a UTI or bladder infection. He is not marking or urinating at all on purpose, and I think he may have incontinence issues.

approximate age: 1

approximate weight: 60 pounds

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: yes – but will not be placed in a home with very young children

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: none

Update 10/25/14:  Banjo picked out his forever family this weekend.  Congrats Banjo, Scott and Jamy!





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