Queenie – September 22, 2014


12/29/13: Please welcome Roxy!  Roxy’s previous owner dumped on a friend and said “if you don’t take her I will have her put to sleep”.  Of course the friend took her in but one of her dogs did not welcome her into house so Roxy is now with GEBR.  She came in yesterday afternoon with the help of Maureen and Ben.

We have no vet records but we are told she is up to date on her shots and not spayed.  She is severely underweight and covered in fleas.  She was dropped off at Dr Rush’s this morning with the intention of spaying her but after seeing her blood work Dr Rush decided it was best to wait a little while before surgery.  Her red blood cell count is extremely low from poor nutrition and all of the fleas.  Her liver and kidney’s look fine.  She is heartworm negative. She only weighs 36 pounds but should weigh around 46 pounds.  She will move into her foster home today and go back to the vet in a few weeks for surgery.

She is three years old and we are told she likes dogs, cats and kids.  She is pretty calm and docile.  More updates as we learn more about this little lady.

Update 2/28/14: Roxy has recovered from spay surgery and has been cleared for adoption.  She will be adopted by her foster parents in a few weeks.

Update 3/16/14: Roxy, now known as Queenie  was adopted by her foster parents.  Congrats Queenie, Kristin and Noel!



September 22, 2014: Queenie (formally known as Roxy) GEBR alum passed away unexpectedly in her home on September 22, 2014.  She came into rescue underweight, covered in fleas and a fearful.  But after living a fantastic life with Kristin and Noel for the past eight months we know she finally felt love.  We are grateful to Kristin and Noel for giving her the life she always deserved just as they had done for Oliver and Olivia.  Please keep them in your thoughts during this time.




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