12/14/12:  Please welcome Rudolph to GEBR.  After evaluation by the North Pole vet, it appears that Rudolph was not hit by a car as was first believed, he was ENTRAPPED for several hours to days. All of the tissue damage was from pressure and something very tight encircling his back leg. The soft tissue of his back leg and foot is in pretty bad shape. We sedated him and got x-rays to look at the hip, leg and foot for fractures. God only knows how long this sweet baby stuggled to free himself before he was able to hobble to relative safety.
Update 12/21/12: Had to put baby boy in a “cone of shame” to try and keep his mouth away from his wounds. He loves all the attention. He had a little stand off with a male dog in an adjacent run this afternoon, while he was getting some personal time. We had heard that he didn’t get along with other males. Time will tell, it could have been stress and the gate separating them.
Update 12/29/12: Rudolph is now putting full weight on his hind leg and the wounds are healing nicely.  He will be neutered once his leg is fully healed. 
Update 1/28/13:  Rudolph was neutered and moved to his foster home.  He is staying with the Angel, GEBR alum and her sister Kitty.  Kitty can be a little cranky at times and got in Rudolph’s face last night a few times and he is not mind at all. We were very impressed with his behavior.  But he was very interested in humping Angel!  We are chalking that up to being extremely excited and newly neutered; so hopefully this behavior should stop over time.  He does not like male dogs.  He is four years old. 
He is officially ready for adoption so send in your application if you are interested in making him a member of your family!

Update 3/17/13: Rudolph was adopted on Sunday!  What a lucky St Patrick’s Day for him!  Congrats Rudolph, Scott and Melonie!

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