12/9/12: Please welcome Mimi! She and one of her siblings (a male boxer) were not getting along from time to time so her family thought it would be best to surrender her to us. She lived with two male dogs but only had issues with the boxer. She is spayed and up to date on her shots. She will see Dr Harris this weekend for a check up and if all goes well she will be cleared for adoption.

She met her foster parents and little human foster brother last night. She immediately fell in love with foster dad. She does have a female fur foster sister too. It was not love at first sight but we think they will get along fine once Mimi settles in. We do not know if she likes cats.

Update 12/12/12:  Mimi and her foster sister Penny are playing now!  She will be seeing Dr Harris this Saturday for a check up.

Update 12/25/12:  Mimi’s check up with Dr Harris went well.  She is cleared for adoption.

Update 12/28/12: Mimi began having intermittent vomiting the last few days progressing to diarrhea. A trip to Dr. Harris and x-rays demonstrated a possible colon blockage. An immediate trip to GVS and review of the films confirmed the diagnosis. She had surgery with Dr Ericksen to remove the blockage.  She is doing fine now; back to her normal upbeat self!  Thank you for the quick action foster mom and dad.
Update 1/21/13:  Mimi was doing well for a while after her surgery but a little over a week ago she started peeing and pooping in her crate.  We moved her from her foster home to Stephanie’s house so she could monitor the “pee and poop situation” and attempt to get her “regular” again.  We had been adding stool softener to her food after her surgery to make sure things went smoothly.  We have decided to put her back on the food she was eating before she came into rescue.  She was showing signs of dehydration but is peeing way to much to be dehydrated; so she will be tested for a UTI today.  If she has one we will begin treatment if not at least we can rule that out as a reason why she is peeing so much.  Before her surgery she was perfectly house broken.   

She did meet Chunk yesterday!  They did not play but they did not fight either so that is a good sign.

Update 1/22/13: Mimi does have a UTI.  We are treating with antibiotics for 30 days and will recheck then. 

We would like to place Mimi in a home with another female since she has had some issues in the past with a male dog. 

Guardian Angel
F Schrader
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K Nall
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