1/16/13: Meet Faith a 5-6 year old stray from Knoxville, TN. We have agreed to take her into our rescue and with the help of Mari DeCuir and Smokey Mountain Bulldog Rescue, were able to get her pulled and to the vet for treatment of skin infections, ear infections, bad teeth and bilateral cherry eye. She underwent dental and cherry eye surgery today and is doing well.  Poor Faith has obviously been used in an irresponsible breeding operation and most likely dumped when she developed too many medical issues to be bred again. Probably NEVER ONCE took her to a vet; NEVER ONCE showed her any love and then showed her the greatest disrespect by dumping her to fend for herself.  According to vet reports, she is very sweet and has lots of energy. Her heart and lungs sound good and she is heartworm negative. Faith has also been spayed and is now up to date on shots.   Update 1/27/13: Faith is boarding for the moment, quarantine from being in the shelter. But yesterday, one of her cherry eyes recurred (they were fixed last week in TN). She will be undergoing repair before she is transferred to her foster home. She is other wise doing well.

Update 2/2/13: Faith had her cherry eye surgery and was moved to her foster home.  She and her foster sister Maggie are getting along great.  Faith is very curious in the cats; she is chasing them all around the house.  She still has a pretty bad yeast infection but we are treating that with antibiotics.  We think her cherry stitch may have popped; she is going to see Dr Ross today to get it checked out.


Update 2/5/13: Faith’s stitch popped and her cherry eye is back.  She is getting steroid drops for the next 10 days to help the size of the cherry eye to decrease.  She will have to have it repaired again in a few weeks.


Update 3/7/13: Faith went to see Dr Ross today in hopes of having cherry eye surgery but her skin infection is still pretty bad.  We will treat with steroids and evaluate in a few weeks.


Update 3/30/13: Faith went to see Dr Ross for a check up on her skin and allergies.  We decided to do some allergy testing.  We should have the results in a few weeks. In the meantime she is on more antibiotics and steroids.  We have postponed her cherry eye surgery until after allergy season.


Update 8/22/13: Faith has been on cyclosporine for four months now and will remain on it for the rest of her life.  She is responding well but also needs over the count Zyrtec during the high allergy season.  Cyclosporine cost approximately $120 for a 30 day supply.

Faith is ready for adoption!

Update 11/15/14:  Faith has finally picked out her forever human.  Congrats Faith and Mark!


approximate age: 6

approximate weight: 50 pounds

likes dogs: yes – but does not like to share toys with them

likes cats: yes

likes children: yes

food: Taste of the Wild, Sierra Mountain

life long medications: cyclosporine, Zyrtec, tacrolimus eye drops


Guardian Angels:

G & J Bethenod


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