9/20/14:  Please welcome Abe!  He was busted out of puppy jail this morning; and his first ride in the luxurious Wally Wagon.

First order of business: get rid of fleas and cleaning his eyes, so he can see again. More details to come after vet examination.

He will remain in quarantine for two weeks after his shelter stint, but no worries, he’ll get intensive treatment during that time. We might even be able to make him white again!

At this time we do not know if he likes dogs, cats or kids.

We will update as we learn more about him.

Update 10/3/14: Abe was neutered and had his cherry eye surgery today.  The poor guy has had severe dry eye that has gone untreated his entire life.

Update 10/17/14: After Abe’s cherry eye was removed Dr Ross noticed four tiny ulcers on his eye.  She monitored and treated them for two weeks but they got worse not better.  We decided to remove his eye ball instead of doing surgery to attempt to correct the ulcers.  There was no guarantee that surgery would work or that the ulcers would not return.  The eye removal surgery went well and he is doing great so far.  He will be moving into his foster home this weekend.

Update 11/1/14:  Abe moved into his foster home.  He seems to be adjusting to life with only one eye.  He is living with two male dogs and seems to get a long fine with both of them.

His adopters will be coming into town next weekend for him.



Abe crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

Rest In Peace Abe



approximate age: 4

approximate weight: underweight at 46 pounds

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: n/a

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: tacrolimus eye drops for dry eye

Update 11/9/14:  Abe was adopted this weekend!  Congrats Abe, Kathryn and Wilfred!




R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

M Moore



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