11/12/15:  Please welcome Rose!  She joins us from a local shelter. She was picked up as a stray. Thanks for getting her to the vet safely Joyce!

She is in heat, has double cherry eyes, needs a dental and needs to be spayed.  She also has dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for the remainder of her life.

She is five years old.  We do not know yet if she likes dogs, cats or children.  We do know she loves people and she is very sweet!

Update 11/30/15:  Rose had surgery today and all went well!  She was spayed, she had both of her cherry eyes repaired and she had her teeth cleaned.  She will be moving in her foster home in a few days.

Update 12/5/15:  Rose got a little too worked up after seeing her foster brother for the first time and one of her cherry eyes pooped back out.  She will have it repaired again in a few weeks.  Her foster parents will be taking things very slow and letting her get used to him from a distance until she is more comfortable being near him.

Update 12/16/15:  Rose and her foster brother are still getting used to each other.  She isn’t too fond of him yet. When she sees him, she goes on high alert. She seems concerned of other dogs in her space but their crates are a couple feet apart and she’s fine with that. When she sees other dogs on the street she perks up but she never runs off or tries to start anything. She responds well to her foster parents telling her no and reassuring her that others dogs are OK.

Update 12/22/15:  Rose had her second cherry eye surgery and all went well.

She is very sweet and loves on us her humans a lot.  She really is such a sweet puppy and wants to love people so much. She doesn’t mind at all when she walking around town and people stop to pet her. She is very smart, she listens pretty well and seems to know basic commands like “sit”, “go inside”, “go potty”, “no”, “crate”.  She is petite, healthy and has very nice fur. She loves being outside and playing. She snores a little. She’s pretty well potty trained.

Update 3/13/16:  Rose met her new parents Anne and Huey today and it was love at first site for all three on them!  Congrats Rose, Anne and Huey!

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 45
likes dogs: yes – but she will need some time to get used to other dogs
likes cats: n/a
likes children: n/a
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: tacrolimus eye drops for dry eye





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