Georgia Peach – November 7th, 2015

9/2/13: The story behind The Cherokee Girls…
Monday morning we received a FB message from Casey. She had recently taken in these girls from a family friend and needed our help finding them new homes. None of them had been vetted, all of them had fleas and worms, and only one was spayed. We took two in that afternoon and got them to the vet and the other two over this past weekend. Thank you for trusting us with these girls Casey!

Please welcome Georgia Peach! She is already spayed. She is now vaccinated and will have a dental tomorrow. One of her canine teeth will need to be extracted.

She has not been on flea or HW preventative. She tested negative for HW now, but will need to be rechecked again in six months.

Georgia Peach is seven years old. She lived in a garage her entire life in a large run. We believe that she may not have even been let out of the run for potty breaks. She seems to be very protective of her run. She barks and other dogs, cats and people when they come near her run. But is fine once you open it and will even let you inside the run with her.

She does not like dogs, cats or chicken. She has spent some time with a toddler and does fine with him but likes to nip at his scooter if he rides past her.

Georgia Peach is not housebroken…yet.

Update 9/23/13: Georgia Peach moved into her foster home on Saturday.  She is the only dog in the house so she is getting all of the attention.  She has a skin foster brother that she is getting to know.  She is picking up on potty training very quickly.

Update 10/26/13: Georgia Peach’s foster parents made it official this weekend! Congrats Georgia Peach and Tate family!


R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop



R & I Powell



November 7, 2015: Georgia Peach, who was rescued in September 2013, crossed the rainbow bridge today.

She came into rescue along with three other little ladies that had spent their entire life in crates inside a garage.  Georgia Peach was able to enjoy the last two years life on a warm bed surrounded by people that loved and adored her.

Please keep the Tate family in your thoughts.

Rest in Peace Georgia Peach

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