Bailey – November 10th, 2015

Bailey aka Mr. B, The Protector and Chief – Rest In Peace

On Tuesday, Bailey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Always a puppy at heart, he was filled with nurturing trust and never met a soul he did not like. If a dog of the year award existed Bailey would no doubt be sitting 5 trophies deep by now. Mr. B provided us with a positive and rather expansive outlook on life and owe him more than any number of treats, belly rubs or big stretches would make up for. Many treasured memories blossomed in the incredible time that he gave us, not only with his family who adored him but from everyone that he came in contact with who became his countless friends and admirers. If you gave Mr. B not but a second you were guaranteed to fall in love with this giant teddy bear and melt into his gentle paws.

Mr. B was the center of attention most everywhere he went and absolutely ate it up. He loved to pose for pictures and get people to pay attention to him, trust me it was not hard to do. He would do what became to be known as the “Bailey Lean”. You see it a little like the Carlton but more of a straight lean and paw not leaning but holding you in place. He truly wanted everyone to know that you are in good hands with him, Mr. B would not put up for nonsense and was very effective at problem resolution. Mr. B was nothing but a big teddy bear who was very protective of his family, especially his mother. Bailey loved being around people and other dogs so whenever we were out he wanted people to know that there was a new sheriff in town and get out to meet his constituents. He loved the action and would end into the depths of countless people’s hearts and photos. He would always take time to take a selfie with a fan or make sure that we stopped to answer any of the thousands of questions that were thrown our way while on the stroll.

Mr. B loved to be on the go and had great affinities towards vacation spots and beaches, Charleston and St. Georges Island being his favorites, folly beach falling off his map after that one time… he had that prance, that way about his gate that always had us thinking…”move, get out the way…pretty boy coming through”…we would be out and about on the stroll and people would not recognize us but they would recognize Mr. B. Hey you guys must live at …because I always say hi, pet this dog, snap his picture every time I come by your yard and my dog is friends with him. Mr. B came to learn things quick and was relentless about setting forth the rules of the game to his future dog sisters. Before a fence existed in our yard, Mr. B was able to roam without the fear of him leaving, chasing things, going in the street-he liked to hang out on the sidewalk basking in the sun so that people had to notice him as they came by. Mr. B loved his neighborhood in which he lived and was treated like a King most everywhere he went. He often would walk, although limited in the summer, with his parents, or ride in the pedicab, to events throughout town. He loved to head out to more establishments than I could even begin to list and was the poster child for dog behavior. Mr. B most recently had his photo in Brides magazine from our wedding day last year, he was gorgeous as ring security with his flower necklace on – he did great!

Mr. B was just getting to know his little human sister and was so good with her, our hearts ache that they only had a few months as pals. Mr. B was so good to her; he would go into her room and check on her before walking became increasingly difficult for him. Mr. B was one of the greatest asset to our family. He was a shoulder to lean on and an object of our affection. From puppyhood to Tuesday and beyond not a day will passes without him making it brighter in some way. The bone cancer was detected a few months ago and we struggled with the treatment options, none of them positive, and decided rather then put him up against any of that we would try to control the pain and make his last days his best ones. Having time to prepare for any passing is tough but having to say till another day is the toughest, especially with a dog as cool as Mr. B.

Bailey was comforted his last weekend by some pretty incredible people who became his dear friends. He was pampered with love, treats and cheeseburgers. That’s right not a story about Bailey would be fair if it did not involve food in some way shape or form, he loved food and was not picky at all. Bailey ate relatively well and I can tell you he never had a cheeseburger until this last weekend, boy he loved it. He loved all the treats that his friends brought him along with the big bag of treats that he and his sister, Kahlua shared this weekend. Saturday a turkey was cooked for Mr. B just how he likes it, the trip to the kitchen has become too much and boy it felt empty for him not to be by your side patiently waiting for any rations you are willing to spare – Thanksgiving will not be the same this year without him.

Memories flood us and we shared as many of the memories that we could muster to get out. He has left an ever lasting impression on us and so many, our best friend is no longer with us physically but will always be with us in spirit. Bailey was very much in love with Blanca his first little dog sister and would always watch out for her and had her back. He now reunites, pain free, with his best friend who also was taken too young. Tuesday was emotional, but shortly after saying our see you again someday the sun shined letting us know that heaven just got a little brighter, Bailey is smiling and casting his bright spirit for everyone to see.

We will always love you Bailey – Matt, Angela, Vivian and Kahlua