PorkChop – January 22nd, 2013

Meet PorkChop, a five year old male. Porkie had been wandering for the last week and a person was kind enough to take him to a local vets office for safety.  It looks as if he had been cared for well in the past.  Good coat, good eyes and neutered. Who knows what led to the recent events?  At the moment, he has a yeast problem with horrible yeasty ears and IDC’s.  His nose looks crusty but is actually just discharge that hasn’t been cleaned off. His a very laid back guy, who needs to gain about 10 pounds, get on grain free food and have his ears treated.  Since he is a stray in relatively good condition, we are mostly concerned about heart worm, that the owners found out about and didn’t want to treat in this rural area.  We’ll know more after his exam by Dr. Ross.

Update 5/1/12: PorkChop went to his foster home.  He is heartworm negative!  He has a horrible ear infection in both ears.  He also has a bad skin infection on his neck.  He weighs 70 pounds, but actually needs to gain a few pounds.  He is pretty laid back and does not seem to mind his foster brother LeRoy.

Update 5/26/12: PorkChop has been adopted by his foster family! That makes two GEBR adoptions for the Rice family this year; LeRoy Brown in February and now PorkChop! Thank you Ron and Sonja for giving these boys a second chance!



Sadness touched the bulldog nation on Jan 22 when Chop (Porkchop, GEBR) went to the rainbow bridge.   Chop joined GEBR in May 2012 and was adopted by Ron and Sonja shortly after.  He was just recently diagnosed with cancer.  Please keep Ron and Sonja in your thoughts and prayers, it’s been a rough two years for their family.  We are so glad that Chop got to spend his last nine months knowing what it was like to be loved and adored.




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