Edith – January 22nd, 2013

8/18/12: Welcome Edith to GEBR.  Edith was a stray picked up at a N GA high kill shelter.  If not for the concern of a shelter volunteer, rescue would have never known about her.  Thank you Cheryl with EBRG for forwarding her information to us.  GEBR and EBRG work together to help as many bulldogs as possible throughout the state.

Edith is aged at 8 by the shelter but looks a bit younger; Dr. Ross will be able to give us a more accurate age after she is in a little better physical condition. Shelter volunteers suspect she was a “dump” from the many puppy mills in that area.  She received little medical care and was bred often….an incubator, really.  Then dumped when she wasn’t “productive” any longer and becomes the taxpayers burden.  But I must take this opportunity to say: a BARGAIN bulldog puppy came from a mother like this, who lived in a crate all her life, had no medical care and then dumped to die a horrific death.  No human was ever kind to her, yet she doesn’t rip our faces off when we come to help and she has every right to!

She was transported from the shelter to Whitfield County Animal Hospital for shots and spay.  Unfortunately, we found out that Edith is Heartworm positive.  We always pray for the best but prepare for the worst.

She is now in quarantine at Riverside (shelter dogs must be in 2 week quarantine) while she has her eyes, skin and ears treated.  During that time, she will begin Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream which will help her skin tremendously and pack on some pounds.  When she has gained enough weight and her medical condition has stabilized, she will begin heartworm treatment.  We also believe there may be an orthopedic issue that needs to be evaluated at some point.

Update 9/19/12: Edith has finished her HW treatment.  She will be going to her foster home tomorrow!

Update 10/22/12: Edith has been adopted by her foster family!  Congrats to Edith and the Downing family!

We would like to thank Tammy and Daniel Payne for making a donation, in the name of Isabella, to cover the cost of Edith’s heartworm treatment.  Their bullie Isabella went to the rainbow bridge in September 2011.



January 22, 2013: Edith crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  She joined GEBR in August 2012 and was adopted by her foster family in October.  Please keep the Downing family in your thoughts during this time of great sadness.  We will always remember you Edith.




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