Butkus – November 27, 2012

Around 5pm on November 26th we were informed about Butkus and were very concerned that he may be suffering from serious medical issues. We knew rescue couldn’t wait if we were going to have the best possible outcome. Harold Heck a friend of the rescue dropped everything and drove two and a half hours to Valdosta, GA to pick him up.  We made plans for him to spend the night with Harold; Carol Robertelli would go to Macon the following morning to pick him and take him to see Dr Rush at Dekalb Animal Hospital.  Butkus was is horrible condition but held on through the night and until the following afternoon.  Dr Rush immediately ran some test and it was confirmed that Butkus was is serve kidney failure. Sometimes our best efforts cannot overpower the obstacles that are thrown in our paths. Butkus knew he was loved the last moments is his life and we are grateful that we were at least able to give him that.