Pinkie – June 6th, 2015

3/24/15:  Please welcome Pinkie!  Pinkie was picked up as a stray and brought to a vet clinic in AL.  She did not have a microchip and attempt at finding her owners was not successful.  The vet clinic called us to help.  Thank you Jackie and Scott for getting her here safely.

She is at Dr Rush’s for evaluation.  She appears to have a spay scar and a cherry eye.  The vet clinic thinks she is around one year old.  They introduced her to a few dogs and cats and she liked them all.  We do not know if she likes children.

Update 3/27/15:  Pinkie had surgery today.  She was spayed, had her palate shortened and had her cherry eye fixed.

Update 4/4/15:  Pinkie moved into her foster home today.  She is still recovering from surgery.  She is getting along fine with her foster brother.

Update 5/10/15:  Pinkie decided she did not want to leave her foster home!  Her foster parents made it official and adopted her.  Congrats Pinkie, JB, Scott and Haley!

June 6, 2015: With tremendous sadness and a pit in our stomach we announce that we lost a precious soul yesterday afternoon. Sweet Pinkie was only a year old, rescued as a stray from a shelter in Alabama. She had previously undergone spay, palate surgery and cherry eye surgery 6 weeks ago without complication. She was adopted by her foster parents one month ago. Unfortunately, her cherry eye recurred and on Friday underwent a second repair, once again without complication…. Yesterday afternoon, she had sudden onset of difficulty breathing, was immediately taken to her vet and then onto an ER vet.  She was sedated for intubation when the vet remarked that the tissue surrounding her larynx was 5 times normal size.  With much difficulty, they were able to get a tube in just as she went into cardiac arrest.  Heroic attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful;Pinkie crossed the bridge.

Please keep Pinkie’s family in your thoughts and prayers.  She was a beautiful soul who deserved the life of a princess….I only wish she had that life for years instead of months.

Rest in Peace cherub baby



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