6/22/15 – Please welcome Kosmo! She found herself at a shelter in Canton, Ga. Nobody came looking for him so the shelter called to of our volunteers. Ken and Amanda where there within an hour to pick him up.

They shelter noted he has a hot spot at base of tail that had maggots and they removed several ticks from his body.  He is very with some muscle loss. His teeeh appear worn and stained qne his eye have thick green discharge.  He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine.  He will be neutered, have his teeth cleaned and receive all the vet care he needs while he is there.  He will move into his foster home once his quarantine time is up.

The shetler beleives he is between 3-4 years old.  He was tested with other dogs at the shelter and seemed to enjoy their company. We do not know at this time if he likes cats or children.

Update 7/6/15:  Kosmo moved into his foster home.  He is getting along great with his foster brother and sister.  We are still treating multiple infections.  He will see the vet again in two weeks for a check up.  He does have dry eye and will need medicated eye drops for the remained of his life.

Update 7/26/15:  Kosmo has been adopted!  He gets to live with Maggie, GEBR alum (formally Bunny).  Congrats Kosmo and Garrett family!


Kosmo crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Kosmo




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