Peter – July 9th, 2021

6/9/17:  Please welcome Peter!  His owners are no longer able to provide the care he needs.  He has severe skin issues, untreated dry eye, he needs to be neutered, he needs to have cherry eye surgery, he needs his teeth cleaned and he needs his palate shortened.  Once his skin issues clear up we will move forward with surgery.

He is five years old.  He likes dogs and children but we do not know how he feels about cats.  He is very sweet and loves be with his people!

Update 6/20/17:  Peter had one surgery today.  He had his teeth cleaned, had his cherry eye fixed and he was neutered.  He had an infection in his mouth so we postponed his palate surgery for now.

Update 7/3/17: Peter had his second surgery today.  He had his palate shortened and we cut out a cyst on his paw. Surgery went well and he is resting comfortably at his foster home.

Update 9/2/17: Peter has been adopted by his foster family! Congrats Peter and Rodriguez family!

July 9, 2021 – Peter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Peter

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