Porter – July 15th, 2021

2/22/14: Please welcome Porter.  He was abandoned at the shelter on Friday while all of the workers were inside.  He was transported to our vet on Saturday morning.  He was already neutered.  He is now up to date on his hots.  He had a consult with Dr Cross today and he recommends surgery on both knees to correct his luxating patellas.  He will move into a foster home once he finishes his two weeks in shelter quarantine.

We have not seen him around dogs, cats or children.  But we do know that he likes to bark for attention, chew on your hand if you let him and gets very excited and likes to hump your leg.  All behaviors that we will need to work on.  Dr Ross believes he is around two years old.

Update 3/8/14: Porter moved into his foster home. He is having a great time playing with this foster sister Chloe. He his learning some manners; such as not to hump everyone’s leg! He goes in for his first knee surgery on 3/24/14 and will go back around 5/5/14 for his second one.

Update 3/27/14: Porter had his first knee surgery on Monday. So far so good with recovery.

Update 4/5/14: A few weeks a back Porter’s foster family was going out of town so we asked the Leathers family to watch Porter. They instantly fell in love and have made him a part of the family. And his new family will be calling him Sarge. Congrats Sarge and the Leathers family!

July 15, 2021 – Sarge, formally known as Porter, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Sarge


C Ulloa – In honor of Marty Melson for his Birthday

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