Buttercup – July 8th, 2021

3/7/12: Buttercup is a 2 year old female, another casualty of the current economy. We were contacted by SEPRA, pug rescue , about a pug and an English Bulldog.  The Pug is in the care of SEPRA and Buttercup is one of our new girls.  She is at Riverside Animal Hospital getting the once over.  There is an indication that there may be skin and a knee problem, but we will evaluate.

Update 3/12/12: Buttercup went to her foster home on Saturday.  She LOVES attention! We are treating ear and skin infections now.  Once those clear up we will have her knee evaluated.

Update 4/21/12:  Buttercup went to a new foster home that will hopefully be her forever home.  She is getting to know her potential brother, if all works out she will be adopted into this home.

Update 5/1/12: Buttercup had her evaluation with Dr. Cross at GVS.  Unfortunately this little girl does have some bad knees!  The diagnosis: Right and Left cranial cruciate ligament tears and right medial patellar luxation.  She goes back at the end of the month for her first surgery on her right knee and then back two months later for left knee.  

Update 6/5/12: Buttercup had her stitches removed.  Dr. Cross says she is healing nicely. She goes back in four weeks for an x-ray and if all looks good she will saty for her second knee surgery. 

Update 7/2/12:  Buttercup had her second knee surgery.  She is doing well.  She will have her stitches removed in two week then go back four weeks later for her final check up.  She will be ready for adoption after her check up. 

Update 7/17/12: Buttercup had she stitches removed.  She has one more check up and x-ray in four weeks then she will be ready for adoption. 

Update 8/15/12:  Buttercup got to say goodbye to Dr Cross and the staff at GVS last week!  She went in for her final x-ray and check up and has been cleared for adoption. Thank you Dr Cross for taking such good care of our girl and thank you Kim for being a perfect foster mom and helping her on her road to recovery.

Update 9/19/12:  Buttercup has been staying with a potential family for a few weeks now.  She will not be staying there permanently; she does not love her female Boxer foster sister.  Buttercup also did not love her last female foster sister; a Pug.  At first we thought it was a small dog thing, but perhaps it is a female thing!  Buttercup needs a home with no other dogs or perhaps a laid back male dog her own size that does not mind sharing the human attention and does not mind if she is in charge.  She also needs a home with no small children.  

We are extremely happy to announce that Buttercup has found her forever home!  She has been with us for ten months (not that we are complaining) and through a few surgeries and a few foster homes but she is finally HOME!  Thank you Kim, Brande, Harold, Stephanie (and their families) for helping Buttercup along her journey.  And thank you Megan and Deb for giving her rides when she needed them. 

Congrats Buttercup, Sally and Peter!    


July 8, 2021 – Buttercup crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  Rest In Peace Buttercup




T McMillian


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