Peg – December 8th, 2015

3/12/15: Please welcome Peg! Peg was taken into care by Effingham County Animal Control Shelter due to Sheriff office involvement and had to seize Peg from a fake rescue that neglected to care for her medical needs. Peg is approximately 6 years old the vet believes.

Peg was seen by Martinez Animal Hosptial today. Peg has an ear infection in both ears, eye infection in both eyes, slight blindness in her right eye due to neglect to provide medical care to her eye infection. She will also be receiving entropion surgery to both eyes while she is being spayed. Peg also is in need of her yearly vaccines and heartworm test.

Peg will remain at Martinez Animal Hospital for the next 14 days so that she can receive all her medical care and medicated baths for her yeast skin infection. Peg has a very sweet temperament and appears to be very laid back and calm. She walks great on a leash with no pull.

Update 3/27/15: Peg has finally been sprung from the veterinarians office after 18 days. Peg is now stable and headed to a couch at her Foster home. We will update as we learn more about her.

Update 5/28/15: Peg was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital due to concerns of her lack of use of her rear left leg & she seemed to be in pain. Peg had X-Rays done which showed no issues that required surgery. Vet stated that she has arthritis with inflammation of the rear left leg. Peg was placed on Rimadyl, tramadol, nujoint, and Glucosamine.

Peg is doing great in her foster home. She is crate trained and house broken. Peg gets along with all her fur foster siblings which include 1 male bulldog, 1 female bulldog, and female mastiff/dane mix. Peg is learning to share her humans with her fur siblings and has the most laid back and mellow temperament Peg does thing at her own pace and when she wants to do it & not when you want her to do it.

Update 6/20/15:  Peg packed her bags and moved to AL with her new family!  Congrats Peg and Goodwin Family!


December 8, 2015: Peg, who was rescued in March of 2015, passed away in her sleep.  She was only with her adoptive family for a few months but she was loved dearly and will be missed very much.  Please keep the Goodwin family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Peg




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