Stormie – December 27th, 2015

Stormie waited quite a while to come into rescue, we had so many emergency admissions.  Her family patiently waited until we could find a foster home that would be able to handle her particular needs.  As it turns out, she fell into a SWEET foster home.  She’ll be able to go to work with foster mom several times a week and she has two new foster brothers who have already accepted her and share their beds with her.  Stormie tells me, she isn’t going to know what to do with all the attention….I told her to enjoy the ride and love every minute of the attention!


December 27, 2015:  Stormie, who came in rescue the fall of 2010, passed away today.  She spent the past five years loving life with her people.  She was loved and spoiled and that is all that mattered to her.  Please keep the Lessig girls in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Stormie

Update 12/22/10:

She looks stunning!  Her skin and ears are healed.  Stormie will need to stay on grain free salmon based food for the rest of her life.  Stormie is very reserved until she is around children…that makes her the happiest.  She will most definitely be placed in a home with children.