12/9/13: Please welcome Otis! Otis’s owner bought him as a puppy but could not take care of him so a family stepped up and took him in three months ago. He did not want a bulldog nor did he know much about bulldogs but he knew he needed to help Otis. Things have been going fine with the other two dogs, two cats and two kids in the house. With the exception of one fight between Otis and one of the older labs. No one knows what caused it or who started it but it was time for Otis to find a new home. GEBR is his new home!

He is currently at Dr Rush’s; he had tail amputation surgery yesterday. He is recovering well from surgery and will move into his foster home early next week. He was already neutered and up to date on his shots but he had a horrible tail pocket infection and we thought amputation was the best option for him.

He is around 60 pounds. He just turned one on 11/29. He is playful but not over the top for a one year old. Although he has been know to hump the ladies legs (human ladies not sure about canine ladies). He may not know his own strength yet. He knows sit and has been working on stay.

He will be available for adoption once he heals from tail amputation surgery.

12/28/13: Otis has been adopted!  He has four new human hands to chew on!  He is still very young and playful and love to chew on hands!  Congrats Otis and Kitchens family!

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