12/10/13: Welcome Monte to GEBR! He is a big timid boy 🙂

Monte was found as a stray and picked up by animal control in Conyers. Thank you Carol for going to pick him up!

We will have more info on him once our vet gets a chance to do a full exam.  We do know that he needs to be neutered.

We have not seen him around dogs, cats or children.

Update 12/17/13: Monte will be neutered today.  We found out he is heartworm positive.  He will being treatment in 7-10 days then he will move into his foster home.

Update 2/6/13: Monte finished his heartworm treatment is now ready for adoption.  He is still a bit afraid and will not be placed in a home with children.  He is OK with other dogs but will take some time getting used to them and will need to learn how to share human attention with them.

Update 3/23/14: After just a few days of being in his foster home Monte opened up and made himself at home. So of course his foster parents had to let him stay forever. Congrats Monte, Abby, Roy, Tonton and Zero!


R & V Brown

C Alexander


K Craft Jr

H Cates

J Sarianides

J Fitzgerald

K Bennett

B Bailey

R & I Powell

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