11/23/13: Please welcome Marci!  Georgia Peach’s father, Jamall, was informed about her from a friend after the friend had noticed that she had been abandoned in a soccer field.  She was left with a pan of dog food and a bowl of water.  Jamall went to the field to save her, brought her to house, gave her a flea bath and some good food then called us.

We took her to the vet on Saturday morning only to find out that she has a long road ahead of her.  She has dry eye in both eyes and a skin infection.  By the looks of her, you can tell she has had puppies.  She had some vaginal discharge so we are concerned about pyometra but her white blood cell count is ok and there was no evidence of anything on the ultrasound.  She is still at the vet and is being monitored.  She will have spay surgery this week.  She also need double entropian surgery, a growth in her mouth removed and possible tail amputation.  And once she recovers from all of that she will need heartworm treatment.

We believe she is around five or six years old but will have a better idea when Dr Rush does surgery.  She enjoys human attention.  She does not mind dogs.  We have not seen her around cats or young children but she does not mind the older child she spent a few days with last week.

Update 11/30/13: Marci was spayed and had the tumor from her mouth removed on 11/29. She went back to her foster home for some rest and recovery. She will go to Dr Ross’s in two weeks for her four week heartworm treatment. She will be available for adoption after she recovers from heartworm treatment.

Update 11/2/13: Marci finished her heartworm treatment today.  She is ready for adoption.  She is not a fan of the cat in her foster home.

Update 3/15/14: Marci was adopted this weekend. Congrats Marci and Calmes family!


K Wall

J Ewing – In loving memory of Aliester

R & I Powell

M Hipskind

S Yeargos

H Hull – In memoriam to A. Dora Bulldog Glenn

S Cutler – on behalf of Lisa LaBorde Lobre who won in Franklin Bean’s Winner Wonderland

S Keppler

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