12/31/13: Please welcome Nadine!  She’s a heavy duty beauty! A bit scared but she will warm up quickly i am sure! We couldn’t let this gal spend the holiday at animal control so here she is!  She was an owner dump at Fulton County Animal Control.

We are told she is one years old and deaf.  She will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine; at the time Dr Ross will give her a full exam and address all of her medical needs.

She met Lugnut on Wed and did not seem to mind him one bit.  We do not know if she likes cats or children.

Update 1/17/14: Nadine was spayed on 1/9 and moved into a vacation home while she waits for her new foster parents to get back into town.  She is hanging out with King, GEBR alum, and giving him a run for his money!  She is very much a puppy and loves to play, chew, gnaw on furniture, you name it!

Update 3/2/13: Nadine and her foster brother King absolutely love each other!  They love to cuddle, they love to sleep together on the couch, they love to play and they love to fight!  Deb and Bill are working with a trainer to help with the fighting.  Once it is completely under control they will adopt her.

Update 5/5/14:  After months of intense training Nadine and King decided they DO want to spend the rest of their lives together!  Deb and Bill signed the adoption papers yesterday.  Congrats Nadine, King, Deb and Bill!


P Kasparek

G Bethenod

B & D Howell



P Hochuli

J Torrez

Auto Interior Enhancement

J Honea

N Stacy in honor of Fred & Kim Lehman

L Karp

B Smith

S Yeargos


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