Mimsy – August 2nd, 2019


4/18/18:  Please welcome Mimsy!  On Tuesday we found out about this sweet little girl that was at Dekalb County Animal Control. We emailed our contact and were told “Thanks for inquiring about her. She is currently a court case and is not available for rescue or adoption at this time, but I will certainly keep you all in mind if anything changes.” The next day they contacted us and said she needed medical help and could be released to us now. Within a few hours she was in our hands.

She has five open wounds on her body including a very large ruptured mammary tumor. We have no idea what caused the wounds. She has a dislocated hip. She has dry eye. She has a skin infection. She is heart worm positive. She is dehydrated, anemic, has a very low red blood cell count and a very very very high white blood cell count.

Today we transferred her to ICU for fluids, and liquid antibiotics and liquid pain medication. We also started her on drops for her dry eye and arthritis medication. At this point she is too weak and too infected to do anything more. We need her to get stronger and give her some time for her wounds to heal. We did x rays and did not see any additional tumors. We may do an ultrasound in a few days for a second look. In the near future she will need the ruptured mammary tumor removed and she will need to be spayed. Sometime down the road she will need to be treated for heart worms and we will evaluate her hip.

For now she will be spending the next few days in the ICU. Our estimated invoice for this is $1500-$2500. If you would like to donate towards Mimsy’s care it would be very much appreciated.

Please send positive thoughts her way!

Update 4/20/18: When we spoke with the specialist this morning she said Mimsy was feeling a little better than yesterday. Her red blood cell count is up 1%, her wounds are looking a little better, she standing up on her own and she is eating!

Thank you all for your donations towards her vet care!

Update 4/22/18: Mimsy’ condition is stable, eating a little more. Her road to recovery is going to be long.

Update 4/23/18: Mimsy is off IV and out of the ICU! She’s got some fresh new pink bandages too! She will be moving back to the regular vet clinic today. She is still on two antibiotics for her wounds, meds for her arthritis and meds for her pain. We will recheck all of her blood work in a few days and see when we can move forward with surgery to remove her mammary tumor.

Update 4/26/18: We rechecked Mimsy’s blood work and things are getting better! Her red blood cell count is going up and her white blood cell count is going down. Her wounds are looking better every day!

Update 5/3/18: We recheck Mimsy’s blood work and things are continuing to improve but she is still anemic therefore not ready for surgery just yet. Her wounds are looking so much better too!

Update 5/9/18: We recheck Mimsy’s blood work and things are continuing to improve.   We are hopeful that she will be ready for surgery next week!

Update 5/14/18:  Mimsy was finally able to have her ultrasound today.  We had to hold off because of the ruptured mammary mass.  The ultrasound showed a mass or enlarged spleen as a thickened stomach wall.  At this pint we know she needs to have the mammary mass removed, have her spleen removed, be spayed, have her teeth cleaned and do a biopsy of her stomach.  We consulted with the specialist to decided the best way to tackle everything.  Hopefully the thickened stomach lining is just secondary to all of the strong medications she has been on the past month.  It has been decided that she will have her scheduled blood work done on Wednesday and if things look good enough for surgery on Thursday then we will start with the removal on the mammary mass and if there is time we will see what else can be done at that time.

Update 5/17/18:  Mimsy had her first surgery yesterday.  She had the entire mammary mass removed, had her teeth cleaned and had one decayed tooth extracted.  She was under long enough so Dr Ross felt it best to close her up and we will tackle the remaining things in a few weeks when she recovers from this surgery.  She still needs to be spayed, have her spleen removed and have a biopsy done on her stomach.  We will be doing a biopsy of her mammary mass now.  Her leg and ear wounds are just about 100% healed up.  Her arthritis is pretty severe so she does not walk all that great and she can not do steps.

Update 5/24/18: We got the biopsy results back on her mammary mass and it is not cancer! We will give her a few weeks to recover from surgery then move forward with her next surgery.

Update 5/31/18:  Mimsy had her staples removed and she is healing nicely.  We will schedule another ultrasound in a few weeks then move forward with her next surgery.  She is loving life in her foster home and she is eating a ton and has gained three more pounds! She likes dogs and young children but is not too fond of cats.

Update 7/11/18: Mimsy has developed two more mammary masses that will need to be removed before she can start her heartworm treatment. She will have her surgery at the end of the month then start her heartworm treatment two weeks later.

Update 7/24/18: Mimsy had a seizure on Sunday so we decided to not put her through surgery right now to remove the mammary masses. Removing them was more of a precaution than a necessity at this time. We ran her bloodwork and everything looks fine so we will start her heartworm treatment tomorrow and watch for more seizures.

Update 8/16/18:  Mimsy completed her heartworm treatment today.  All went well and she is now ready for adoption!

Update 10/13/18:  Mimsy has been adopted by her foster family!

8/2/19:  Mimsy crossed over the rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Mimsy

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