Jupiter – July 30th, 2019

11/30/16 – Please welcome Jupiter!  She was picked up as a stray and no one came looking for her.  Thank you to Forsyth County Animal Control for letting us take her into rescue.  She is extremely underweight, has a severe skin infection, double ear infection, covered in fleas and she needs her teeth cleaned.  We started treated all of her infections and will move forward with her teeth cleaning once she gains some weight. She eight years old.  At this time we do not know if she likes dogs, cats or young children.

Update 12/22/16: Jupiter had her teeth cleaned today. All went well and she has been cleared for adoption.

Update 1/15/17:  Jupiter spent a little time with two other dogs and was find with them.  She is living with a cat and is fine with him as well.  She spent a short amount of time with two young children between the ages of 2-5 and they were a little too much excitement for her and they made her uncomfortable.

Update 2/5/17:  Jupiter’s skin was not improving so we moved forward with allergy tests.  Of course she is allergic to just about everything in the environment.  She will begin taking Atopic pills to help with her allergies.

Update 10/30/18:  Jupiter is loving her retired lifestyle as an only dog and only seeing the grand children occasionally.  She is happy, healthy and looking for her forever family!

Update 6/13/19: Jupiter  is doing great in her foster home but she still waiting to find her forever family!

7/30/19:  Jupiter crossed over the rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her foster family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Jupiter 

approximate age: 10

approximate weight: 50

likes dogs: yes, but does not mind living alone

likes cats: yes

likes children: young  loud, rowdy ones are a little too much for her

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: atopica for skin and allergy issues, tacrolimus prescription eye drops for dry eye

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